This feature has been requested a lot, and it’s finally here! We’ve just released click maps.

Click maps show you where the users clicked on your page. They also display rage clicks and error clicks.

Our click maps are constantly developing, LiveSession allows users to access the BETA version in the app. To gain access to this new feature, go on any session recording, and click the “Clickmap BETA” to request the use of it.

LiveSession click maps are:

  • Dynamic – You can use any filter you like to segmentize the results
  • Fully retroactive – Click maps can be created from data you’ve collected in the past
  • Comprehensive – They use all available data to create a visualization

See what they look like in action:


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In the near future, you will be able to display click maps as heatmaps. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates! Here’s a small preview of what you can expect:

Clickmaps as heatmaps

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