Product updates (18)

  • Tag sessions to find them easily
    Product Updates

    Tag sessions to find them easily

    Now you can mark the recordings with the appropriate tag so that you can quickly return to them later using the filters on the list of records.

  • Better team management
    Product Updates

    Better team management

    More options to control team and invitations

  • User details
    Product Updates

    User details

    More detailed user's view

  • Filters redesign
    Product Updates

    Filters redesign

    Filters list has a new look

  • Substring filtering
    Product Updates

    Substring filtering

    New filters matching option

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Product Updates

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Control player using keyboard

  • Mouse movement trace
    Product Updates

    Mouse movement trace

    See user's mouse movement trace

  • Mobile events support
    Product Updates

    Mobile events support

    See mobile device touches

  • Masking sensitive data
    Product Updates

    Masking sensitive data

    Disable recording of sensitive data

  • New filters
    Product Updates

    New filters

    New system filters - Device and Screen size

  • Segment sharing
    Product Updates

    Segment sharing

    Share segments with your team

  • Website settings
    Product Updates

    Website settings

    Temporary disable recording or add domain validation check for more security

  • New retention options
    Product Updates

    New retention options

    New 3 months sessions data storage is now available

  • More date filtering options
    Product Updates

    More date filtering options

    Use custom date range to search your sessions

  • Dashboard insights segmentation
    Product Updates

    Dashboard insights segmentation

    Use filters and segments on dashboard insights

  • Top users in segment
    Product Updates

    Top users in segment

    See who are the most active users in your segment

  • New session list and player layout
    Product Updates

    New session list and player layout

    We've changed the layout of the session list and the player

  • User parameters in filters and autocomplete
    Product Updates

    User parameters in filters and autocomplete

    From now on, you can filter sessions by username and email