How to install LiveSession on Gatsby site?

Kamil Drazkiewicz
Kamil Drazkiewicz1 minMay 11, 2022

LiveSession and Gatsby integration

LiveSession provides a plugin that lets you install script even easier.

In your project run

npm i @livesession/gatsby-plugin-livesession


yarn add @livesession/gatsby-plugin-livesession

Go to gatsby-config.js file and add plugin, everything what you need is trackID:

// gatsby-config.js
 plugins: [
        resolve: '@livesession/gatsby-plugin-livesession',
        options: {
          trackID: YOUR_LIVESESSION_TRACKID, // Required, string
          keystrokes: true || false, // Optional, default to false
          rootHostname: '', // Optional

Plugin adds script only in production mode.

If you want to know more about options you can pass into config, go to LiveSesion Developers page.

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