How does the Clickmaps work?

Clickmaps - what is it?

The Clickmaps helps you to see which aggregated aspects on your website have been clicked and how many times in a retroactive way. In short - it shows you where your website was clicked on by online visitors. Clickmap also allows you to view rage clicks and error clicks.

What does the Clickmap look like?

On our application, go on any session recording to open the Clickmap function (if this is your first time using it, you will have to request it on the app):

LiveSession App - Clickmap tab

After clicking, the request button is displayed and only after acceptance, you’ll be able to obtain access. Once that happens, the view should look like the following:

LiveSession App - Clickmap - First view

As you can see, on the session replay in certain places, numbers appeared. These numbers indicate elements on the page, and upon clicking on to the section, you can see how many clicks were made in that particular segment of the web page.

LiveSession App - Clickmap - click count

The clicks apply to the currently browsed URL - they are aggregated for the selected segment, time and for the current URL address (the address is seen above in the session player). These filters could be changed in the main page of the app website.

Clicks can also be categorized according to the types of clicks made: rage and error. Rage clicks are caused by a certain frustration with the website, whereas error clicks happen when a JavaScript error occurs on the website after the user has made the click). In our Clickmap, you can filter out which clicks were either rage or error ones:

LiveSession App - Clickmap filters

On the right hand side under Clicks, you can expand the view and filter out what kind of clicks were made and where.

Additionally, we have introduced the Heatmap, which could be turned on in the upper right corner:

LiveSesssion App - Heatmap

The heatmap is a graphic visualization that shows user activities on a website or app by adding a semi-transparent overlay to the examined screen using colors, adjusting the strength of color to express the amount of clicks.

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