How does the Custom Events work?

Custom Events are available via JS API. Learn how to use it.

Custom Event - what is it?

The Custom Events allow you to send data that is fully tailored for your business needs. You can define your own structure and event name. An added advantage is that from now on, sessions will own additional details which you will send. Additionally, you can also use Search to find events that you are interested in.

What does the Custom Events look like?

Custom Event is a next filter type, so you can find it under toggled search input.

LiveSession App - Custom Events

After clicking, you will see terms useful for narrow down your results. All already captured event names will be visible on search input. If you can't see your events in list be sure you sent at least one custom event using our API.

LiveSession App - Custom Events - Terms

If you would like to see the details, apply terms and pick session you are interested in.

LiveSession App - Custom Events - Terms results

After clicking, you will see session replay with Timeline. Events can also contain extra information, it's useful because you can add some context to specific moment in your system.

LiveSession App - Custom Events - Session Replay

If you are interested in sending custom events we refer to the technical documentation where you can see how to use our new API.

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