How does the Timeline work?

Kamil Drazkiewicz
Kamil Drazkiewicz2 minMay 11, 2022

Timeline - what is it?

The Timeline helps you to see chronological and grouped by page list of events correlated with session replay.

What does the Timeline look like?

Go to the sessions tab and then choose a record that you are interested in. You can use our Search to limit sessions results. For example you can find mobile sessions from one particular country.


After clicking, the record details are on the center along with timeline on the right side. You can see events which happened chronologically. Timeline is divided into sections by viewed page. If you want to jump to the moment when the event happened and see results on the player just click on the event box.


After clicking a specific event you can see details. We show the exact date of the event with metadata if it has any. For example “Clicked” event has element property with particular element.


Sometimes you need to find a session based on some criteria (as be mentioned above). LiveSession lets you show that on timeline also. To do that, choose filters and terms that you are interested in.


After that, you can see marked events with terms of what you chose like in step before.


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