How to install LiveSession using Google Tag Manager

Using LiveSession requires placing a simple JavaScript code into your website. Read this article to learn how to install our LiveSession tracking code using Google Tag Manager.
  • After logging in to LiveSession Application go to Settings.
  • Open Websites section.
  • Choose the website that you want to set up and click on Tracking code. If you haven't added a website yet, please click on Add website button and type in website address there.
  • Click on button to Copy to clipboard.
  • Open your Google Tag Manager dashboard and create a new tag.
  • Click on Choose a tag.
  • Choose Custom HTML.
  • Then please paste copied code into script input and click on Choose a trigger.
  • Choose All Pages trigger.
  • Then save.
  • After that click on Publish.
  • Finally add info about your change and click Publish again.
  • Congrats, you're ready to go! Check if your script works properly using this guide.

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