How to connect events from Segment?

Kamil Drazkiewicz
Kamil Drazkiewicz1 minMay 11, 2022

How does it work?

If you have already set up custom events in your Segment account, you can re-use them with LiveSession. You can configure LiveSession callback to collect data every time the Segment’s tracking code sends an event.

Edit the code below according to your needs to start tracking Segment events.

Custom Events are available via JS API. Learn more about limitations and best practices here.

How can I route events from Segment to LiveSession?

If you have already set up Segment and LiveSession tracking codes, adding the code below will enable you to send events from Segment to LiveSession:

    if (analytics && __ls) {
        analytics.on("track", function(event, properties) {
          __ls("track", event, properties)

To make this integration works, you need to have Segment and LiveSession installed on your website. If you haven’t installed our tracking code yet check this article.

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