How to install LiveSession script on your website?

Kamil Drazkiewicz
Kamil Drazkiewicz2 minMay 11, 2022

Using LiveSession requires placing a simple JavaScript code into your website.

You need to force your visitors to use HTTPS to make our tracking code work. If you don’t have an SSL, our tracking code won’t work correctly. Contact us if you need help with setting up SSL.

Installing the code manually

After logging in to LiveSession Application go to Settings:

Install code instruction

Choose the website that you want to set up and click on the Tracking code. If you haven’t added a website yet, please click on Add website button and type in the website’s address there:

Install code instruction

Open the Tracking code tab:

Install code instruction

And click on the button to Copy to clipboard button:

Install code instruction

Paste it into your website source code in the <head> section.

Installing the code with Google Tag Manager

If you want to install LiveSession tracking code using the Google Tag Manager, go to the “Google Tag Manager” tab (1), click the “Connect Google Tag Manager” button (2) and follow the on-screen instructions:

Install code instruction

It’s done! Now you can test if your code works correctly using script debug mode.

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