LiveSession and Intercom integration

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a live chat solution for support, sales and marketing teams. It allows you to track events and see how the customers interact with your product.

How does this integration work?

The LiveSession integration adds a recording link (as a note) to every Intercom conversation with an identified user. This way, you can get more insights and see exactly what the user sees.

Intercom integration

Every time a new Intercom conversation starts, a note with a link to the session recording is created. You can play recordings of a specific user directly from the Intercom conversation.

How can I install this integration?

To install Intercom integration go to Settings > Integrations and click Install:

Intercom integration

Click Install to confirm:

Intercom integration

You will be redirected to Intercom. Authorize LiveSession access to your Intercom workspace:

Intercom integration

After granting access, you will be redirected back to LiveSession. You’ll see the Intercom integration on the list:

Intercom integration

To make the integration work, you also need to:

  • Use the Intercom(‘boot’) or Intercom(‘update’) command with the user’s email value. If you need help, you can find instructions in Intercom docs.
  • Use the same email address to identify the user in LiveSession with the __ls(“identify”) method. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can read a tutorial here.

Additional settings

You can also configure these options (enabled by default):

LiveSession recording URL in user panel as an attribute:

Intercom integration

LiveSession recording URL as a user’s event:

Intercom integration

These can be changed in integration settings.

Intercom integration

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