Opt-out cookie

Kamil Drazkiewicz
Kamil Drazkiewicz1 minMay 10, 2022

Opting out from LiveSession will put a cookie on your site that tells our script to be turned off.

You need to allow your users to turn off session recordings. The instructions should be included in your privacy policy.

From a technical perspective, there are two ways to do it:

  • Using script API

    The user can be excluded from recordings with the optOut function: __ls("optOut")

  • Using links

    You can allow your users to opt-out from LiveSession by clicking a link. It will add __ls_optout=1 to your website URL query-string parameters. The URL will look like this: www.your-site.com?__ls_optout=1

You can also disable LiveSession for just one session. This can be done with this method:  __ls("off")

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