LiveSession and Zendesk integration

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk Chat is a live chat software. Companies use it to guide people through sales process and help customers. Using this software you can send proactive message to your customers (for example to potential customer who spend too much time on checkout).

How does this integration work?

This integration lets you add links to session replays from LiveSession to your Zendesk account. Thanks to this solution, you can open recordings of a specific user directly from Zendesk contact profile. If your user has technical issue you can check what exactly happen on session replay. Use it to deliver help people faster.

Every time a new session will start, our code will send an event to Zendesk with a link to session replay.

How can I install this integration?

To install integration, add the code below before your </body> closing tag:
if($zopim && __ls){
  __ls("getSessionURL", function(url, isNew){
        $zopim(function() {
          $zopim.livechat.appendNotes("Session replay: " + url);

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