Q1 2019

  • Funnels

    Create funnels from avaliable filters

  • New dashboard insights

    Top clicked elements, most active users, most rage clicked elements, top exit pages

  • New filters

    Clicked text event, Active time, Sessions Duration Units, URL query/fragment params

  • Player improvements

    Bug fixing, x8 speed, skip inactivity improvements

Q2 2019

  • Dev tools

    Console errors/warnings logging

  • Slack integration

    Send info with session link to slack about specific user interaction

  • Daily/Weekly segment statistics

    Email with segments statistics

  • User detailed info

    Additional view with user total duration, sessions count, properties, sessions and notes

  • Autoplay next session

    Play next session after current session ended

  • Longer data retention

    3/6/12 month data retentions plan options

Q3 2019

  • Recomended sessions to watch

    Importance scoring

  • IP/UA/Country Blocking

    Block recording for specyfic IP, user-agent or country

  • Recording conditions

    Start recording based on conditions

  • IP Filter

    Segment users and sessions by ip ranges

  • Website settings

    Turn off recordings, exclude elements, record keystrokes

  • Annual playment method


Q4 2019

  • Clickmaps

    Most clicked page elments with conversion rates

  • Form analytics

    Form engagment time, abandonment events

  • Multi tab support

    Support for recording session on many browser tabs

  • Geolocation

    User city and region geolocation

  • Login by Google

    Login to LiveSession with your Google Account

  • Affiliate program

    Earn money with LiveSession