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Sessions replay

Visualize the customer journey

Record how a user interacts with your website and improve your conversion rate, provide better support or debug your application.


Find data with specific user interactions

It can be hard to get valuable insights from collected data, that’s why we built segments. You can filter your sessions by multiple parameters and find ones that matter.

Rage Clicks & Error Clicks

Detect what makes your users frustrated

See users who clicked on an element multiple times, very fast, in frustration. Find people whose browsers logged a JavaScript error right after they clicked something on your website.

An analytics tool for your team

See how LiveSession can help to your teams


Find steps to reproduce errors in your application without asking a user.

Marketing teams

Find out how users react to changes and improve conversions.

Customer service

Help your customers faster with full knowledge about that what they are looking for.

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LiveSession tool has really helped us discover how customers are actually using our pickSaaS platform. It’s one of the best user recording tools we’ve used so far and we use it a lot in the actual decision-making processes.

Matt Pliszka

Thanks to LiveSession we can provide our users with support faster. Whenever someone reaches us out with a problem via Intercom, we check his session replay and understand an issue in no time.

Wojciech Jasnos

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