We stand with Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

On the morning of Thursday 24 February, Russia launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine. The lives of thousands of Ukrainian citizens changed drastically and unjustly.

Civil people are struggling and trying to survive from bombing and explosions. Others, fight for their country and freedom, against Russian aggression.

As a team, we are providing transport, shelter, and donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund for the refugees.

As a company, we decided to stop charging Ukrainian customers for our service.

Additionally, in terms of EU and US sanctions, we are banning new users, customers, and signups from Russia and Belarus. The ban will last as long as the EU and the US keep their sanctions in place.

We also encourage you to donate to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund or any other Ukrainian charity. A list of other ways to support Ukraine can be found here.

Stay strong Ukraine.

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