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Instant and retroactive click maps + heat maps

We generate click maps and heat maps on the fly, showing you the most engaging sections of your website. Use filters and segments to see how certain groups of users interact with it. Take advantage of the data you collected.

See what draws your visitors’ attention

LiveSession Clickmaps give you an instant overview of your pages’ most clickable elements. See how many times users interacted with any button, link, headline or paragraph.

Leverage data aggregated from your website’s visits. Know what attracts your users and understand their behavior better with LiveSession Clickmaps.

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Improve conversion rate, get rid of obstacles

Click maps allow you to improve your conversion rate by showing you which elements of your website are essential on your users’ path to purchase. They also point to the dead-ends.

With LiveSession Clickmaps, you can group your users’ interactions by:


Consider clicks as your customer journey to purchase. See your website’s most clickable elements. Find the most engaging sections and work on improving the click rate even more.

Error Clicks
Error Clicks

Error clicks are caused by JavaScript errors and can lead to users’ annoyance, which may eventually lower your conversion rate. See where Error clicks happen and get rid of them.

Rage Clicks
Rage Clicks

Rage clicks are logged when your user gets frustrated and clicks on something repeatedly. Usually, it happens when some elements of your website are unclear or misleading. Spot Rage clicks and refine your website’s UX.

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Find the hottest sections on your website with heat maps

Turn on LiveSession Heatmaps and see the hottest sections of your website in a blink of an eye. Place important content, such as calls to action or forms, in places that engage your visitors the most. Get more signups or purchases, using insights on your users’ behavio

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Use filters to get more out of your data

The data we present in click maps can be filtered to match your goal better. Whether you want to improve the checkout process or get more leads, use filters to dig deeper and know how particular segments of your website’s visitors act. Add layers to your analysis and find new ways to boost your sales. Get the most accurate view by taking advantage of the result’s segmentation.

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