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Engagement score

Engagement score

Find the most engaging sessions without having to watch them all. Our Engagement score allows you to focus on recordings with the most (or least) user activity. The rating depends on many factors, including the number of pages visited by your users and the number of clicks during the session. The Engagement score will show you the most important sessions automatically.

User journey

User journey

A user journey is a path your visitors take when exploring your website. In LiveSession, you can easily watch and analyze it. It will help you improve the sales funnel in your store or make adjustments to your website’s navigation. You can also use it to track events that led to conversions and see how they contributed to achieving your goals.

Rage clicks & error clicks

Rage clicks & error clicks

Rage clicks and Error clicks automatically spot pain points and errors on your website. Rage click happens when your visitor keeps clicking on an UI element repeatedly and may indicate your visitors frustration. Error clicks are reported when a JavaScript error occurs. LiveSession marks them automatically to make it easier for you to find the most urgent issues.

Inspect mode

Inspect mode

While watching a recording, you can select any particular element of your website and see how it’s used. This allows you to browse sessions in which your users interact with this element. Depending on your needs, you can search by CSS selectors or by text. With Inspect mode, you can interpret A/B tests results or understand how users interact with your website.

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