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Session replay

LiveSession allows you to record and playback user sessions. You can see how users interact with your website on their desktop or mobile. Interactions, such as mouse movement, clicks, scrolling, and keystrokes, are recorded. Thanks to the recordings, you can see exactly what your users see. Solve problems faster and more efficiently.


Find out where users get stuck

You see what your users see, so you know how to help them when they encounter a problem on your site.

Increase sales conversion rate

You see how your users behave on your website and you know how to adapt it to meet the needs of your users.

Debug your web application faster

Monitor your website and fix bugs as soon as they occur.


Connect your data

Identify users in your web application to provide them with better support. Add additional properties (like subscription plan, support tier, id in other analytics software), to browse them in more efficient way.


Engagement score

Save time by watching the most valuable recordings. Each recording is evaluated based on the level of user involvement in a given session (user activity, number of clicks, number of pages visited). In this way, you will find out which recordings are worth watching.


Segmentize and Search

Extract valuable information from a large number of recordings even faster. You can filter your sessions according to many parameters and find the ones that matter.


Powerful filters and segmentation

Overwhelmed with data? With advanced filtering, you can focus only on what’s important to you. Filter repetitions by traffic source, user’s own properties, location, and more. Selected filters can be saved as a segment for easy and quick search for recordings of a specific group of users.


Segments notifications

Summary of segment activity directly to your email. This is another feature that will save your time. You will be informed about new segment activities without having to log in to LiveSession.


Rage Clicks & Error Clicks

Detect Rage Clicks to see users who clicked on an element multiple times, very fast, in frustration. Find out whose people browsers logged a JavaScript error right after they clicked something on your website. It will help you to solve problems on your website faster and more efficiently.


Big picture insights

See summary for specific segments of users. It’ll help you to understand how people use your application in bigger picture. Use it as starting point for further research. Our team use it to see basic KPIs day after day.


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