Session replay

LiveSession lets you check how your users interact with your website on desktop or mobile. It records activities (mouse movement, clicks, scrolls, keystrokes) and allows you to see it in a replay.

  • Find out where users get stuck
  • Debug your web application faster
  • Increase sales converstion rate

Powerful filters

Overwhelmed with data? With advanced filtering you can focus only on what is important for you. Filter your replays by traffic source, custom user parameters, location and more.

  • Find sessions where user exit singup or checkout
  • Filter active users
  • See segment of users based on custom params

Custom context

Identify users in your web application to provide them with better support. Add additional properties (like subscription plan, support tier, id in other analytics software), to browse them in more efficient way.

  • Identify users using your application data
  • Provide users with proacttive support
  • Use data from other software in session replays

Big picture insights

See summary for specific segments of users. It'll help you to understand how people use your application in bigger picture. Use it as starting point for further research. Our team use it to see basic KPIs day after day.

  • Check segments traffic trends
  • Get info about most referring pages, top UTMs campaigns and technology
  • Find out which are the most clickable elments on your site

Top active users list

Identify users with the best engagement in your application. Check how are they using your website.

  • Get most active users in segment
  • Identify users who need to be activate
  • Monitor your KPIs

Rage Clicks & Error Clicks

Detect Rage Clicks to see users who clicked on an element multiple times, very fast, in frustration.

Find out people whose browsers logged a JavaScript error right after they clicked something on your website.

  • Understand why bug happened
  • See what makes your users frustrated
  • Messure UI changes impact

Start Using LiveSession For Free!

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