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Recover abandoned carts

There are many tactics for recovering abandoned carts, but good old-fashioned UX research will remain irreplaceable.

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custom events

Track shopping events

Set up custom events to reflect your buyer’s journey and identify funnel leaks. Get the most of your session replays and track your customers’ path to purchase. Plug the funnel by improving your website’s usability to increase conversion rates. Add few lines of code and extend our default filters set according to your needs.

Use custom events

Connect events with your current analytics stack:

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custom events
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Get to know your customers’ segments

Clients who didn’t make a purchase even though they filled their shopping carts. Customers who spent more than $100. Window shoppers. Segment your visitors’ base to match their profile so you can get valuable insights into how different groups of customers use your online store. Save your search terms as segments set email notifications and keep them on hand at all times.

rage and error clicks

Identify errors with ease

Be one of the first to know about flaws that lower your conversion rates. Identify places on your website that causes your customers’ frustration and eliminate JavaScript errors. Use Rage Clicks & Error Clicks filters and focus on session replays requiring your attention.

engagement score

Get more out of your ad spend

Combine data from your paid marketing campaigns with qualitative analytics. See how different groups of clients you target use your website. Optimize your ad sets based not only on how they perform but also on the desired effect.

Enhance your customer support

Session replays are a great way to ease your customer support team's daily routine. Lower the time needed to provide assistance to your clients with LiveSession's integrations!

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