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Track user behavior to improve acquisition, retention, and expansion of your SaaS. Increase the number of new registrations and lower the churn rate with LiveSession.

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Track engagement

If you are after converting your website’s visitors into registered accounts, you have to lead them on a straight path to subscribe.

User connect data

Connect your data

Match users data from your product with LiveSession. Adding values like subscription plan, company, support level, or conversion probability gives a quick connection and easy way to filter sessions based on those criteria.

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Mario Butnic

With LiveSession, we investigate how similar existing features are used, so we can make the new ones even more user-friendly.

Mario Butnic

Mario Butnic, CEO TalentLyft

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Understand application and customer issues

Replay users’ sessions and stop guessing why bugs happen. Get the technical story of user journey.

Easy control of end-user

LiveSession allows you to control what part of the page and application is recorded. Take care of your and your customers' security. LiveSession is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

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Track product events

Set up custom events to get a full view of your product usage. Get the most of your session replays and track your customers’ path to activation. Watch real data to see which behaviors users have and stop guessing when making a decision.

Use custom events

Connect events with your current analytics stack:

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Customize dashboards

Build and customize dashboards

Visualize and analyze the data you collect with LiveSession. Use Dashboards to track product adoption, activation or retention. Combining with custom events allow you to see the most important metrics of your product. See the trends of your business KPIs and set goals based on it.

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Find important users

New customers, lost customers, returning customers. Segment your users’ sessions and know how different groups use your product. Find out what leads to activation or churn, or what is the most important feature that customers use.

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Get instant alerts

LiveSession allows you to see how your users are engaging with your application. Get instant Slack notification of important business events like starting new subscription or finishing onboarding process by your users.

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