LiveSession 2019 Summary

LiveSession 2019 Summary

2019 was quite a ride.

Thank you for being with us throughout the year!

We’ve been working hard to develop a session recording app to meet your needs. And we’re not stopping there!

Our mission is to create a product that allows you to get valuable insights as fast as possible. We’re not just working on a qualitative analytics app. The goal is to create an app that makes analyzing session recordings faster and more effective.

Ultimately, you won’t have to spend long hours watching all the session replays. Instead, you can select your filters in a few clicks and get actionable insights right away.

Enough talking, what about action? Here’s what we’ve been up to in 2019:

A few statistics


New releases in 2019

We’ve introduced dozens of new features in 2019. Some of the most important ones included:

Dashboard segmentation


Filtering made easier: you can use filters and track different segments right on the dashboard.

Segment sharing


Share segments with your colleagues and make qualitative analytics more effective. Segment sharing will facilitate teamwork in your company.

Engagement score


A feature that makes us especially proud. Engagement score will save you lots of time! Each recording gets a score based on different indicators on user activity. You don’t have to watch hours of boring material to find what you’re looking for. With LiveSession’s engagement score, you’re able to find the most interesting sessions right away.

Inspect mode

We make it easier to track how people interact with particular elements on your website. You find the right recordings very quickly with inspect mode.

Awards and recognition

We’re extremely happy to see that LiveSession is gaining recognition in the SaaS industry. In 2019, we’ve received the High Performer badge from G2 – twice! G2 is a software review website, which means that the recognition is based on insights from real LiveSession clients. Thank you for your valuable feedback!


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What’s more, we’ve received the Premium Usability Honor from FinancesOnline, another prominent software review platform. LiveSession was praised for “total visibility and transparency”, as well as the ability to come up with “highly actionable insights”.

We’ve also been named a Rising Star on the session replay market. This makes us motivated to work even harder!


Best blog posts of 2019

Creating world-class session replay software is one thing. We’re also striving to become a knowledge hub for user experience research, conversion rate optimization and all things related to session replays.

In 2019, our posts were featured in acclaimed UX publications, including UX Collective (, a popular UX magazine, and the Balsamiq blog:

best posts

Our top 3 blog posts in 2019 were:

7 Psychological Principles for Better UX

better ux

An introduction to psychology for user experience professionals. Learn how to use psychological principles to improve the quality of your work.

Tips for new product managers (with expert quotes)

tips for managers

New in the product management business? Read actionable tips from real product managers. We talked to professionals from Tagvenue, DataFeedWatch, Mapp Digital and OnPage Champ.

5 Tips for Better A/B Tests

blog-ab tests

Learn how to improve your A/B tests and get more relevant insights. We’re listing some of our best tips in this blog post.

What comes next?

2019 was a year of rapid growth – and LiveSession is just getting started. We receive plenty of suggestions from our clients and we do our best to meet the demand.

Here’s what’s included in our 2020 roadmap:

Segment notifications


Soon LiveSession will be able to send a summary of segment activities directly to your email. You won’t even have to log in to the app. Instead, you’ll receive a clear, automatically generated report– a huge time saver, isn’t it?

Session autoplay


You’ll be able to watch all the sessions from one segment in one go. When one playback ends, the next session will start automatically.

More integrations coming soon

We’re currently working on extended integrations for Intercom, Segment and Sentry– to name just a few! If you’ve got an idea for an integration, don’t hesitate to let us know via Intercom. All you need to do is click the blue icon in the bottom right corner and send us a message. We’re more than happy to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for an exciting 2019 and here’s to an even better 2020!

our team

And if you’re not with us yet, you can sign up for for a free LiveSession trial right away. No credit card is required!

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