Inspect mode

Inspect mode

We just introduced a brand new feature called inspect mode.

When you’re watching a recording, you can switch to the Page Insights tab. The recording will stop and you’ll be able to select a particular element. This will allow you to browse recordings in which the users have interacted with this element.

You can choose to browse sessions according to two different variables:

  • CSS selector – For instance, if there are different “sign up” buttons on the website, you can choose to see sessions where the users have interacted with one particular “sign up” button.
  • Text – When you choose to see sessions where someone has interacted with the “sign up” text, it will apply to all the “sign up” buttons and hyperlinks.

We hope you like it! Other new improvements are coming soon. If you think something needs improvement, or do you have an idea for functionality? Write to us:

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