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How Databox achieved a 223% increase in conversions to paid accounts after switching to LiveSession.

The onboarding process streamlined by identifying potential issues.

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Databox automates reporting, helping companies to monitor, analyze and improve their performance in one spot. The software can gather data from many sources and visualizes it in a structured way in customizable dashboards. Data can be accessed from any device.

Since the beginnings of the company, it was clear for Databox that they will need an exceptionally reliable session replaying software. To constantly improve the quality of their service, they required the ability to quickly find flaws in their app and to identify where users are stuck, especially during the onboarding process. Without that knowledge, it would be impossible to achieve fast business growth worldwide.

Databox started their journey by experimenting with one session recording software after another. But… Any solution they tried was not good enough.

Key achievements

  • identification of potential issues

  • prioritization of improvements

  • bulletproof flow during onboarding

  • activation Rate increase of 25%

  • 223% increase in conversions from signup to paid account

We had experimented with several solutions, but we weren’t fully satisfied with them. We needed to find the best-in-class session recording software. LiveSession lives up to our high expectations.


Gasper VidovicDirector of Product at Databox

Choosing the best software

The ideal application should have been fast, reliable, and easy to search for the needed information. The recordings should have been loading quickly. It was also vital to easily filter them with a combination of default and user-defined filters, with custom properties and events. Another Databox requirement was to observe the customer’s journey in the application. It was expected that the software would show the layout of the site from the time when user's session was recorded. In cases where the page was changed after a visit, the visualization should include what the customer actually saw.

LiveSession has provided all desired features. Moreover, the connection to the Databox website took only several minutes.

LiveSession offers a one-click installation with Google Tag Manager. Another easy option is to add a few lines of tracking code to the website.

Thanks to LiveSession we gained valuable insights about our customers. By observing screen recordings, and heatmaps, we have discovered how users interacted with the Databox application. This allowed us to work effectively on improvement of their onboarding experience.


Gasper VidovicDirector of Product at Databox

Databox also benefited from the automated integration of LiveSession with Intercom. With our one-click integration, Databox could enrich every chat with a link to the user's session replay. This helps to have immediate access to the recording in the moment when the customer contacts the support team.

Moreover, the Databox can integrate LiveSession with many other applications they use, such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and HelpScout.

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Most compelling features

Although speed and reliability are the core characteristics of LiveSession, there is one more thing that drives customers to our solution. Thanks to our focus on User Experience, our User Interface is very intuitive. Databox employees confirmed that it has been extremely easy to work with LiveSession.

Integration has been very quick, and the usage of the software has been very intuitive for us.


Gasper VidovicDirector of Product at Databox

Business benefits for Databox

Databox app

Identification of potential issues

While watching the most substantial sessions, you may notice a pattern in which your customers behave. This may give you insights into the way your users think, and interact. Then you may eventually conclude that the direction in which you are going with the development of your product may not be the optimal one. Having the knowledge from qualitative analysis provided by LiveSession, and after investigation of identified issues Databox have had a clear vision of what to improve.

Prioritization of improvements

The ability to observe how customers use your app gives you the insight to identify the most common UX flaws. Working with LiveSession, Databox has compiled a prioritized list of flaws, starting from those most inconvenient for users. Focusing the development on the most needed fixes quickly resulted in a significant and positive impact on Databox User Experience.

Bulletproof flow during onboarding

When you lose the opportunity to make a great first impression, you may lose the potential customer forever. That is why the tight bulletproof flow during the onboarding process was the main concern for Databox.

Having fixed the most upsetting flaws, Databox have significantly enhanced the user experience. Such an accomplishment would not be achievable without the support of LiveSession. Now, Databox customers are able to intuitively learn how to use the application. They have quickly recognized the advantages of the software, and their impressions have been very positive.

Activation Rate Increase of 25%

Another of Databox’s goals was to increase the users’ motivation for active usage of the application after they had signed up. After eliminating all user problems with the sign-up and onboarding process, the activation rate has increased. Due to the fantastic customer experience, it has grown by 25%.

Increase in conversions from sign-up to paid accounts (223% increase)

Although a great customer experience and a frustration-free onboarding process are important, the Return of Investment is essential for every company. Signup is not the end of the customer acquisition process. Success is achieved when the satisfied users are happily willing to pay for the app usage.

The increase in conversions from trial to paid model have been essential to Databox. After switching to LiveSession, conversions from free to paid accounts have grown by 223%.

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Final outcome

Databox is happy with LiveSession, but what’s in it for the business? We’ve got a couple of numbers to prove the effectiveness. After fixing a couple of bugs and improving UX design, Databox has seen:

  • our activation rate (from signup to activate) grew from 44.8% to 56.3%

  • our signup to paid CR (freemium model) grew from 1.16% to 3.75%.

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