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How have LiveSession led LiveReacting to success in creating an extraordinary customer-centric product

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LiveReacting have been helping their customers for over four years. They can create their video streams much more engaging.

In a time, when the number of people streaming on YouTube or social media is increasing tremendously, the quality of a stream is not enough. What can make one streaming stand out from the rest is the possibility of live interaction. And that is where LiveReacting helps. Their customers can add pre-recorded videos, or interactive elements, such as countdowns, polls, or games to their streams.

Key achievements

  • customer-centric product

  • faster defect detection

  • insights gathered for a selected segment

  • no need to read logs every time

Completing the Toolbox

When the area of focus is the digital world, one needs the right toolbox to succeed. LiveReacting uses Amplitude, Google Analytics, and Wistia among many other solutions. From the beginning, they knew they needed a session tracking tool. After trying one of the available software solutions for a while, they decided to switch to LiveSession.

We’ve been using LiveSession for over three years, and we are incredibly happy with this choice. This software completes the needed set of tools that are essential for our success.


Alexander ShpilkaCEO & Founder at LiveReacting

LiveReacting have started using LiveSession after the release of their Browser Streaming Studio. It is a very sophisticated application with a Rich User Interface.

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No more reading logs!

In theory, LiveReacting could have been fine without software like LiveSession. They had a lot of information in their logs. But now imagine that a single user session consists of hundreds or thousands of clicks. On top of that, there are various ways to interact with the application. So to understand what happened during a single user session you would have to read logs for several hours. LiveSession speeds up the whole process significantly and gives you more context. Comparing the logs to a script written by a good screenwriter, the benefits provided by LiveSession could be compared to the movie based on that script.

Depending on their needs, LiveReacting can use LiveSession Filters and Segmentation to focus on specific aspects of customer’s needs or when a particular issue is investigated. For example, they can analyze user journeys that include a specific part of their application or segment their customers by a device they have been using. Then, with the context of the situation, and knowing the user perspective of unexpected application behavior, the LiveReacting specialists can read more details in logs to get a perspective from the technical standpoint. In this way, they figure out the effect and the cause. Such knowledge allows for quick fixes.

Faster investigation, integration, and support.

As mentioned earlier, LiveSession has made it possible to quickly analyze multiple user sessions in a short time, instead of time-consuming reading of inconclusive logs. But that is just one of many benefits of this great solution. It took LiveReacting less than one hour to connect LiveSession to their website. They also integrated it with the live chat provided by This way, when a user interacts with LiveReacting chat operators it is possible to see their sessions immediately.

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UX Analysis supported by Filters and Segmentation

With LiveSession, LiveReacting can analyze the user sessions assigned to different segments. LiveSession allows session segmentation basing on the user’s interaction intensity, referrer source, specific session characteristics (such as duration, exit URL, start URL, and many others), user’s locations, device, browser, OS, or screen size.

These filters helped to gain valuable insights. By segmenting sessions by the screen size used by their visitors, LiveReacting discovered that in case the user's browser had been set to a non-standard viewport, the website was not rendered properly. With LiveSession, they were able to improve their website responsiveness in every case.

When the sessions were segmented by Browser, it was easy to discover that in some of the less popular browsers, a particular functionality could not work as intended. For example, certain actions worked fine in Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. However, in the Safari browser, clicking on a particular button did not generate the expected result.

LiveReacting support team can also respond faster and be more helpful to customers requesting immediate assistance. A lookup of the user’s last session is possible, and the information about OS, browser, screen, and other important details is available immediately. This lets the support team know whether a user has made a misstep in using the application or the issue is caused by an unexpected glitch. Sometimes it is easy to quickly replicate the error because the chat operator knows in which browser the reported situation should be recreated.

Data to improve Customer Experience

One of the main benefits of using LiveSession is the ability to observe how our customers are using the app and what challenges they are experiencing. This gives us insight into what we can improve.


Alexander ShpilkaCEO & Founder at LiveReacting

LiveReacting can share the experiences of their users. With LiveSession, they watch different sessions and they can go head-to-head with every customer. They learn what the differences are when users come from different locations, and use different devices or operating systems. Each user group may face specific challenges while using the application. It may also have unique needs. After careful analysis of data provided by LiveSession, it is possible to improve UX Design for every segment group.

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Final outcome

The Filters are one of the many useful features of LiveSession. They allow selection of sessions from a chosen segment to view. This segmentation based on session features, user interactions, customer data, and system data can help quickly find recurring issues for a given group of users. This has helped LiveRacting and can help any company significantly improve the User Experience and create an outstanding customer-centric product.

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