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How Plaxonic Technologies gained 25% time savings and recognition from many customers, using LiveSession.

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Plaxonic Technologies is a company that provides IT and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for a wide spectrum of customers. It offers many services, such as Website Design & Development, Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, or Data Analytics.

Since its founding in 2013, the company has been striving for consistent improvement and client centricity.

Key achievements

  • time savings of 25% for the Plaxonic Technologies team

  • positive impact on customers by increasing their conversion rate (up to 18%)

  • differentiation of visitors from organic and paid traffic

  • identification of exit points and loopholes on the customer sites

  • detection of the most visited sections of the websites

  • acquisition of statistical data about visitors and clicks

Focus on modern technology

To be successful in tackling their customers’ problems with software and BPM, the company has been observing ongoing trends and analyzing upcoming technologies.

Our recipe for success is to combine years of our experience with ambitious strategies and advanced digital solutions. LiveSession is an example of advanced technology supporting leaders like us.


Aditya SharmaCTO of Plaxonic Technologies at Plaxonic

Plaxonic Technologies has been applying different methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate the business processes of their clients. For this reason, the company has been using many marketing, analytics, and UX tools.

The marketing analytics toolbox of Plaxonic Technologies consists of Google Analytics, Statcounter, and Google Firebase. On the list of the marketing tools, we may find Follow planer, Ahrefs, Zoho, Google Trends, Keyword Planner, Unbounce, and many others. The software improving User Experience includes Dreamveaver, Elementor, and Divi Builder.

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The missing piece of the puzzle

Plaxonic Technologies believes in “inventing advanced technologies & innovating them further”. Therefore, in a short time, they realized that they would be more successful with a session tracking software. Such a solution would enable the company to make a stronger and positive impact in assisting customers to gain profitable business growth. It would be much easier to advise improvements to promoted websites knowing customer journeys.

Looking for a perfect solution

LiveSession allows you to analyze different sections of the webpage separately, while other analytics tools only provide aggregated data.

Unfortunately, before Plaxonic Technologies discovered the optimal software, they tried another solution available on the market. It was not satisfying, so Plaxonic Technologies turned to LiveSession for assistance.

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LiveSession provided exactly what was needed: live video recordings that showed how visitors landed and interacted with websites that Plaxonic Technologies took care of.

Multiple integrations

Plaxonic Technologies was incredibly happy to be able to connect LiveSession with any website so easily.

The integration of LiveSession with our site took just a few minutes. The same happened with integrations for our customers. That was fantastic!


Aditya SharmaCTO of Plaxonic Technologies at Plaxonic

It was enough to copy and paste a piece of LiveSession’s tracking code. The team informed developers about the planned integration with respective websites. They provided them with the relevant instructions. Developers completed integration in just two clicks. Soon after, Plaxonic Technologies was able to use LiveSession on customers' websites.

The power of information

With LiveSession, it is possible to analyze behavior of users coming from different traffic sources. Some of them are part of organic traffic coming from SERPs, and some of them are part of paid traffic coming from Google Ads or other paid listings such as GoodFirms.

Valuable insight can come from knowing which sections of a visited site have been interesting to particular groups of users. With this knowledge, Plaxonic Technologies chooses where to focus advertising and promotion. Moreover, LiveSession has helped the company identify exit points and loopholes on its website and those of its customers.

Ability to draw conclusions

Observation of numerous customer journeys has given Plaxonic Technologies a lot of insight. They understood why and when visitors choose to interact heavily with different sections of certain web pages. They also realized why some users decided to exit other pages quickly.

The information collected through LiveSession included the number of clicks, new users' data (i.e., their screen resolution, browser or OS), error clicks, rage clicks, and exit points.

From conclusions to actions

After a thorough analysis of the data collected and the rate of the traffic growth, Plaxonic Technologies was able to offer some valuable enhancements to its customers. Mainly there were recommendations of UX and web design improvements. Sometimes, changing the CTA buttons was enough. This was advised to GroutGroovy.

In other cases, the recommendation was to make significant design changes. For example, in the case of HerbalCart, data collected by LiveSession provided insight into what visitors wanted to look at. With this knowledge, Plaxonic Technologies suggested the client redesign the entire site. HerbalCart agreed, and this decision paid off by resulting in an 18% increase in conversion rates.

Convincing a client to make a significant and expensive change is nearly impossible without data to support the underlying rationale. With LiveSession, we dare our customers to make brave decisions that pay off quickly.


Aditya SharmaCTO of Plaxonic Technologies at Plaxonic

Final outcome

Plaxonic Technologies uses LiveSession mainly to help its customers, but the company also benefits from this solution. It was possible to automate some of the team’s work and since then employees have been able to spend significantly less time on various tasks. This has enabled Plaxonic Technologies to serve more customers at the same time and to increase the company’s efficiency.

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With LiveSession, Plaxonic Technologies has a greater ability to assist a growing number of customers. The company is also more successful in assisting them in meeting the business expectations. This has been made possible through an improved UX, changes in website designs, and significantly increased conversion rate growth.

In summary, the benefits of LiveSession for Plaxonic Technologies were following:

  • 25% savings of team worktime that increased the company’s efficiency

  • customer recognition for successfully meeting business requirements

  • up to 18% of conversions rate growth for clients served by Plaxonic Technologies

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