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How LiveSession assisted TalentLyft to achieve 25.2% increase in trial to paid customer conversions.

Better understanding of your users always pays off.

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Many companies struggle with their hiring processes. During mass recruiting it was always a challenge to find the relevant candidate data across multiple systems. Very often, the information was outdated. Recruiters were not in contact with candidates, in several cases where it was needed.

Five years ago, TalentLyft created an affordable, simple, yet multifunctional system helping manage any recruiting process. It is an optimal solution for small and medium-sized companies because of its ease of finding qualified resources, centralization of data, ability to communicate with candidates on a regular basis, option of publishing job offers on multiple internet portals, and analytics, to name a few.

Key achievements

  • faster and more efficient support

  • enhanced User Experience

  • list of functionalities worth to be developed in future

  • understanding of customers’ comprehension and preferences

  • insight into how to make the trial users love TalentLyft

  • meaningful increase in trial to paid conversion - 25.2%

Striving to be better and better

Any great software can be made better, so TalentLyft wanted to find out what users’ actual experience with their product was. First, they wanted to understand what their trial users’ impressions were. They wanted them to be captivated as soon as they logged into the service. Another issue was with regular users. It seemed that they were not fully aware of all the possibilities that TalentLyft had offered. It looked as if, for some reason, they were overlooking some elements of the software that might be useful for them. TalentLyft sought to learn their users’ journey.

They also wanted to improve their support. In some cases, when users reported problems, it was difficult for support specialists to figure out how a given issue occurred. To understand the problem and help customers, the support team had to ask a lot of questions. This was time consuming and required extra effort from a user to answer all the questions.

In search of the right tool

It was clear that the software, that provided the data about user journey and customer behavior, would bring a lot of value. TalentLyft started a search for a solution which would provide good filters and search options while being simple to implement and use. After careful selection, they chose LiveSession. One reason for this choice was the set of features that helped TalentLyft to find the sessions they were looking for. Another one was the affordable pricing.

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Getting immediate results

After a two-minute installation, LiveSession was ready to use. Since TalentLyft was already using HubSpot, MediaToolkit, Productboard, Jira, and Intercom, they decided to integrate their new software. The first integration was with Intercom. This paid off immediately, because the support team could work faster without involving users. Every time a user sent an Intercom message, a link to his session was automatically added to the conversation. That way, even if the chat messages were not clear enough, the support specialist could see what had actually happened during the troublesome session.

Sometimes, given errors happened only on a certain combination of Operation System and browser If it was not for LiveSession, we would not have been able to replicate the issue.


Bruno IlisevicProduct Manager at TalentLyft

Gaining valuable insight with LiveSession

Sessions has become the most favorite LiveSession feature for TalentLyft. Using it, they were able to learn what their users were doing on the website. Thanks to filtering, they could focus on observation of the most important elements of their software and optimize the UX.

Observing user sessions revealed that many of TalentLyft customers were not using filters. They were not visible enough and required several clicks to reach them. In addition, those users who began using them, were somewhat confused about the meaning of several labels. They unexpected that TalentLyft differentiated terms, such as “website” and “webpage” which were considered synonyms by many people. The customers were not as familiar with logical operators to use them efficiently, as IT developers were.

TalentLyft discovered that most non-technical users, who were used to finding candidates by search functionality, preferred to look for jobs on the dashboard in a similar way. Some customers were not familiar with CTRL+F shortcut, provided by most popular browsers and programs. Therefore, they became frustrated because of inability to quickly find the job they were looking for. As many of TalentLyft developers were used to CTRL+F shortcut, the development of job search functionality initially seemed to be a low priority. After analyzing many sessions the priority to develop a job search option became more important and urgent.

Another valuable insight was that the trial users were not able to see all benefits of TalentLyft due to lack of demo data to try it out.

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Implementing improvements

With much knowledge from LiveSession, TalentLyft began working on improvements. To engage trial users, more demo data was provided. This gave potential customers a chance to see the value of TalentLyft just after registration. They were able to test more software features without the need to create and upload their own data .

The next step was to redesign elements of software that have been confusing.

With LiveSession, we can work in a continuous improvement approach mode. When we plan the development of new functionalities, we investigate how similar existing features are used, so we can make the new ones even more user-friendly.


Mario BunticCEO at Talentlyft

Final outcome

All these implemented improvements, which were based on information provided by LiveSession, have yielded tangible results for TalentLyft. Current users have become more satisfied with their product. Potential customers have been even more impressed the first time they interacted with the software. More demo data allowed them to try more functionalities out of the box. The removal of confusing software elements, and improved UX made them more willing to pay for TalentLyft. User conversions from trial to paid accounts have increased by 25.2% and there is a good chance they will grow even more in coming weeks. “Better understanding of your users always pays off.” – summarized Bruno Ilišević.

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