10 Outstanding Customer Feedback Examples to Inspire You

10 Outstanding Customer Feedback Examples to Inspire You

Zuzanna Sobczyk
Zuzanna Sobczyk12 minAugust 15, 2023

Picture a world where you know exactly what your customers want.

This isn’t just a fantasy - it’s a reality for businesses that know how to collect customer feedback properly.

In this exciting article, we’ll share a collection of amazing customer feedback examples – methods that will inspire you, help you improve your customer service skills, and demonstrate the magic of feedback collection.

From small emails that leave a big impact to truly elaborate surveys, join us for this article dedicated to these fantastic customer feedback examples.

They’ll boost your creativity and change the way you interact with your customers.

What is customer feedback?

Customer feedback refers to the opinions, comments, suggestions, and insights provided by customers regarding their experiences with a product, service, or brand. It encompasses the thoughts and impressions customers share about various aspects, such as the quality of products, the efficiency of services, the usability of platforms, and the overall interactions they have with a company.

Why you should collect customer feedback

Collecting customer feedback is crucial for several reasons. Here are some of them:

Improving customer experience

Customer feedback surveys provide insights into your customers’ experiences. Negative feedback highlights pain points. As a result, it lets you make necessary improvements that enhance the overall customer experience.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Addressing issues raised in customer feedback demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction. This proactive approach strengthens their loyalty and trust in your brand.

Guiding strategy

Customer feedback is crucial for shaping your business strategy. Insights gained from feedback help refine your products, services, and marketing efforts. And as such, you can align these with your customer preferences.

Strengthening customer loyalty

Demonstrating that you value customer opinions fosters a sense of loyalty. When customers feel heard and their concerns addressed, they’re more likely to remain loyal advocates of your brand.

Closing the customer feedback loop

An effective customer feedback strategy involves closing the loop with customers. Acknowledge their input, communicate the changes you’ve made, and show how their feedback has influenced your actions.

Refining products and services

Customer feedback tools let you collect user feedback on specific aspects of your offerings. This targeted data helps refine products and services to better match customer needs.

Continuous improvement

Establishing a feedback process ensures a cycle of continuous improvement. Regularly collecting, analyzing, and acting upon feedback becomes integral to your business operations.

Engaging through feedback forms

Interactive customer feedback forms engage customers and provide a platform for their opinions. When you give your customers an easy way to express themselves, you encourage their active participation in your company.

In essence, customer feedback is not only important but essential for understanding your customers, fine-tuning your offerings, and building a strong customer-centric foundation. It’s a dynamic process that drives business growth, customer loyalty, and lasting success.

Top customer feedback examples

Now that you know why customer feedback is vital in shaping your business success, it’s time to look at real life examples of “how it’s done”:

#1 Amazon

Amazon collects customer feedback through product reviews and ratings. After purchasing a product, customers are encouraged to leave reviews and rate their experience, which helps other shoppers make informed decisions.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. Direct customer insight: Reviews and ratings provide direct insights into what customers truly think about products or services. This unfiltered feedback is a goldmine for understanding customer preferences, pain points, and expectations.
  2. Market feedback: This system serves as an ongoing market research tool. Amazon gains real-time feedback on how their offerings stack up against competitors, helping them adapt to changing market conditions and trends.
  3. Product improvement: Negative reviews pinpoint areas needing improvement. This direct feedback loop guides product enhancements, ensuring that Amazon’s offerings align with customer needs.

Amazon customer feedback example

#2 Uber

Uber uses in-app feedback to gather input from riders and drivers. After each trip, users can rate their experience and provide comments, helping Uber improve its service quality.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. Real-time service assessment: In-app feedback immediately after each trip allows Uber to monitor and improve service quality, creating a responsive and evolving customer experience.
  2. User engagement: The feedback mechanism engages users, making them active participants in service improvement, leading to a sense of ownership and loyalty.
  3. Continuous enhancement: Regular feedback provides data for ongoing improvements in driver behavior, navigation, and overall user satisfaction, maintaining Uber’s competitive edge.

Uber customer feedback example

#3 Free Now

Free Now uses email surveys to collect feedback from its customers. They may ask

about your experience with their customer support team and how, based on that, likely you are to recommend this company to friends or colleagues.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. Customer support assessment: Email surveys about customer support interactions provide insights into service quality and areas for improvement. This can lead to better customer experiences.
  2. Likelihood to recommend: Asking about recommendations helps Free Now gauge customer satisfaction and understand their overall perception.
  3. Customer retention: By addressing issues raised in feedback, Free Now can enhance customer satisfaction. As a result, they get to increase the likelihood of retaining existing customers.

Free Now customer feedback example

#4 Starbucks

Starbucks often conducts customer satisfaction surveys printed on their receipts. Customers are encouraged to visit a website and share their thoughts in exchange for a discount or free item.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. Customer satisfaction: Receipt-based surveys incentivize customers to share their thoughts. So they give Starbucks insights into overall satisfaction and specific areas for improvement.
  2. Engagement: The survey initiative engages customers, making them feel valued and heard, fostering a positive relationship between Starbucks and its patrons.
  3. Promotion and loyalty: Offering discounts or free items for survey participation encourages repeat business and reinforces customer loyalty.

Starbucks customer feedback example

#5 Airbnb

Airbnb hosts can collect feedback through post-stay surveys, asking guests to rate their accommodations and host interactions. This feedback helps hosts improve their listings and provides insights for Airbnb’s platform enhancements.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. Host improvement: Post-stay surveys help hosts receive valuable feedback on accommodations and interactions. This can most likely result in better listings and overall guest experiences.
  2. Platform enhancement: Feedback from both guests and hosts aids Airbnb in refining its platform features. For example, they can learn how to make it more user-friendly and efficient.
  3. Trust building: Public reviews and ratings increase trust among users, promoting a safe and reliable community within the Airbnb platform.

Airbnb customer feedback example


#6 Microsoft

Microsoft uses a Feedback Hub where users can file complaints, give compliments, or share product feedback.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. User-driven improvements: Feedback Hub empowers users to shape Microsoft’s products in a way that they express concerns, provide compliments, and suggest features or fixes.
  2. Quality assurance: Collecting feedback directly from users ensures that Microsoft can address issues promptly and improve product quality together with customer satisfaction.
  3. Customer engagement: The feedback mechanism creates a sense of partnership, which enhances customer engagement and loyalty to Microsoft products.

Microsoft customer feedback example

Microsoft customer feedback example 2

#7 McDonald’s

Has there ever been a time when you ordered something from McDonald’s and weren’t satisfied with the quality? Worry not, as you can let the company know about your feedback using their customer feedback form on the website.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. Customer feedback accessibility: The online feedback form provides a convenient way for customers to express their opinions and concerns. This method promotes transparency and openness.
  2. Issue resolution: Feedback gives McDonald’s a chance to address any quality or service issues, all so that they can potentially turn negative experiences into positive ones.
  3. Improvement loop: Customer feedback contributes to ongoing process improvements, leading to a better dining experience for all McDonald’s patrons.

McDonald's customer feedback example

#8 Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines collects feedback through post-flight email surveys. Travelers are asked questions about their overall experience, seat comfort, and customer service interactions.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. Post-flight experience assessment: Email surveys allow Delta Airlines to gather comprehensive feedback on various aspects of the passenger experience.
  2. Customer satisfaction: Assessing seat comfort and overall experience helps Delta ensure that travelers have a positive perception of the airline, as well as a bigger sense of loyalty.
  3. Service enhancement: Feedback on customer service interactions guides Delta in training and developing their staff.

Delta Airlines customer feedback example


#9 Cardano Spot

Cardano Spot is a social media platform for the people of the Cardano blockchain. Since the platform is very young, less than a year, the developers are constantly looking to improve it. They do so by acting upon the feedback they receive from users who take part in their email surveys. The surveys are created using Typeform and are excellent when it comes to feedback collection.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. User-driven platform enhancement: Email surveys empower users to provide feedback that developer can use to make continuous improvements to the Cardano Spot platform.
  2. Community engagement: Involving users in the development process creates a sense of community ownership and encourages active participation together with a vibrant user base.
  3. Adaptation and growth: Responsive adjustments based on user feedback allow Cardano Spot to adapt to the evolving needs of its users.

Cardano Spot customer feedback example

Cardano Spot customer feedback example 2

#10 Ryanair

Ryanair encourages their customers to participate in surveys by offering a chance to win a gift card that can be used with the airline. This method seems to be an excellent way to increase the response rate of people.

3 reasons why it’s good:

  1. High response rate: Offering a chance to win a gift card incentivizes survey participation and leads to a higher response rate with a better-quality feedback.
  2. Customer insights: Surveys provide Ryanair with valuable insights into customer perceptions, helping them identify areas where they excel and areas needing improvement.
  3. Promotion and customer retention: Offering a prize for survey participation reinforces customer loyalty.

Ryanair customer feedback example

Ryanair customer feedback example 2

These examples highlight how a variety of companies across different industries collect customer feedback through diverse channels. Do take inspiration from these to boost your customer experience efforts and show your buyers that you truly care. They’ll definitely appreciate it!

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Wrap up

Inspired by these powerful examples, you’re now perfectly equipped to boost your customer feedback collection efforts.

Remember that the best method is the one that suits the needs and preferences of your users.

Don’t be scared to test various options. You won’t know if something works until you try it.

And to further strengthen your strategy, use LiveSession. Sign up for a free trial and give your customers the experience they haven’t even dreamt of.

Good luck!

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