Finding Lucky Orange Alternatives Made a Breeze

Finding Lucky Orange Alternatives Made a Breeze

Zuzanna Sobczyk
Zuzanna Sobczyk9 minApril 22, 2023

Are you a Lucky Orange user looking for a better solution? Perhaps you’re considering this software as one of your options?

If “yes” is the answer to any of these 2 questions, you’ve found the perfect article.

That’s because today we’re going to tell you why Lucky Orange… may not be the one for your company & how to find tools better than this.

Ready? Let’s get started.

What is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is a web analytics and conversion optimization software that helps businesses understand user behavior on their websites.

It provides various features such as heat maps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analytics, and real-time analytics.

With this solution, businesses can analyze user behavior. It’s done by recording and replaying user sessions, tracking clicks, mouse movements, and keystrokes.

The software also helps businesses identify and fix issues on their websites that may be hindering conversions. Examples include form abandonment or navigation problems.

But, not everything is as good as it may seem with this tool…

lucky orange website

Why You Need A Lucky Orange Alternative

On the surface, Lucky Orange might look like a flawless, top-class tool for your company’s needs.

But there are aspects of it that are complete deal breakers. 

That’s, of course, if you’re looking for a game-changer, not game-over type of a solution.

Let us spill the tea:

#1 Not many integrations

Fact 1: Lucky Orange does indeed integrate with some popular third-party tools and platforms.

Fact 2: It’s very likely it won’t integrate with all of the tools and platforms that your business uses.

This significantly limits the software’s usefulness.

As a result, you could end up with a tool that is not integrable with your existing toolstack.

#2 Few resources for users

Moving forward, let’s look at the support materials that Lucky Orange offers.

So, the thing is, there aren’t many.

While other service providers offer content such as blogs, guides, tutorials, updates and help centers, Lucky Orange offers just… a blog and help center.

This means that if you have some issues with it, it may take you longer to get help on it given these limited resources.

So if you’re fine with long troubleshooting periods of time - Lucky Orange may be for you. Otherwise - you need an alternative.

#3 Long loading time

Lucky Orange can most definitely provide valuable insights into user behavior on your website, it’s true.

But it doesn’t necessarily provide the same depth of insights as more advanced analytics tools.

The result? Your ability to make data-driven decisions gets a painful hit.

#4 Short trial period

Finally, you won’t be a fan of Lucky Orange if you like proper trial periods. At Lucky Orange, you only get a 7-day free trial to see what the tool is like. 

That’s definitely not enough time to really get a taste of the tool’s abilities.

Compared to other solutions on the market, Lucky Orange definitely stands out here - not in a positive way.

Where To Look For Lucky Orange Alternatives

If you’re looking for Lucky Orange alternatives for these or any other reasons, there are several places where you can find other tools. 

By “tools”, we mean those that will in fact fit your needs better.

We’ll talk about them now.

#1 Quora

Quora is a popular question-and-answer platform where you can find threads discussing analytics and heatmap tools for website optimization.

You may ask a question about alternatives to Lucky Orange and get answers from the community pretty quickly.

Also, don’t be shy and make sure to explore the topics related to website analytics, conversion optimization, or digital marketing.

This will allow you to find some helpful suggestions from experts and other users.


#2 Blog sites

Let’s move on to blog sites.

There are plentiful tech bloggers who specialize in website optimization tools and regularly publish posts comparing different options.

Try searching for “Lucky Orange alternatives” or “heatmap tools for website optimization” on Google to find relevant blog posts.

We also recommend subscribing to some of these blogs to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools in the website optimization field.

#3 Search engines

Using search engines like Google is another excellent way to find Lucky Orange alternatives.

How about checking out different keywords and phrases such as “best heatmap tools”, “website analytics tools”, “visitor recording tools” or simply “Lucky Orange alternatives”?

I mean, you found this article somehow, right?

You will get a list of options, some better and some worse.

We really want to encourage you to explore their features and pricing to see if they fit your needs.

You’ll thank us later - trust us.

#4 Software review sites

Another valuable source - review websites.

The Internet is full of software review sites like Capterra, G2, or Trustpilot. On those sites, it’s relatively easy to find real user reviews and ratings of different website optimization tools.

I hope it’s needless to say those are definitely worth reading into.  

The things that other users and experts have to say about different alternatives to Lucky Orange can help you make up your mind.

Do pay extra attention to how they compare them based on features, user experience, pricing, and customer support - those will be useful for you.

#5 Social media

You can also search for this software alternatives on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are many ways to approach this. You could check out:

  • related hashtags,
  • alternative solutions’ profiles,
  • specific groups, online communities and forums dedicated to website analytics,

to name a few examples.

livesession on linkedin

#6 Recommendations

Finally, one more way to find Lucky Orange alternatives is to ask for recommendations from people who are knowledgeable in website optimization tools.

They may have tried some alternatives to Lucky Orange and can provide you with valuable insights that will help you. 

This would save you lots of time you’d need to invest into research yourself.

Your friends and business partners might be valuable sources of information as well.

Best Lucky Orange Alternative For You

As we mentioned, you must’ve found this article somehow, right?

We’re glad you did, because we’d love to save your time. 

How? By presenting you a Lucky Orange alternative right now. 

All so you can end the tedious task of researching multiple sources of knowledge and insights.

If the aforementioned issues (limited integrations, few resources, long loading time etc.) bother you, say no more. 

We come with a powerful solution that will make you forget about any limitations or errors.

Meet the best session recording and website analytics software to exist - LiveSession. livesession website

💪 LiveSession is:

and much, much more.

🧑‍💼 Who it’s for:

  • digital marketers,
  • product managers,
  • user experience specialists,
  • customer service agents, 
  • product marketers.

 livesession review

💯 With us, you can:

  • turn visitors into customers,
  • analyze behavior of visitors and user interactions,
  • keep track of user recordings,
  • find out traffic sources,
  • improve customer experience,
  • reduce bounce rates and drop-off rate,
  • increase conversion rate,
  • collect insights from screen recordings.

livesession use cases

These, and many more of our key features are just one click away from you - sign up today for our all-in-one solution. Our 14-day free trial is awaiting you.

LiveSession VS Lucky Orange

We’re proud of the fact that our solution is more powerful than Lucky Orange. Just take a look yourself:

👉 14 day trial vs 7 day trial

👉 many integrations vs few integrations

👉 rich variety of resources vs a simple blog and help center

👉 fully responsive vs long loading times

👉 product demo available vs no demo

👉 clear user interface vs somewhat confusing design at times

Don’t wait - try our solution out now.

Bonus: Ask Yourself THIS When Looking For Lucky Orange Alternatives

  • What features do I need in an alternative software to replace Lucky Orange?
  • Does the cost of the alternative software fit within my budget?
  • Can I rely on the alternative software to perform well and have good uptime?
  • Is the alternative software easy to use and provide a good user experience?
  • Does the alternative option offer good customer support and helpful documentation?
  • Will the alternative software work well with my existing tools and workflows?
  • Will the alternative tool provide me with useful data and insights?
  • Does the alternative software have an active user community and provide valuable feedback?
  • Is the pricing model of the alternative tool better value for my needs?
  • Is the alternative secure and protect my data and comply with regulations?

No to Lucky Orange, Yes to LiveSession 

And.. cut!

It was a pleasure putting up this article together for you.

We hope you enjoyed it.

Website user behavior analytics tools can be either extremely helpful or extremely useless for your business.

If you find Lucky Orange to be the latter, our blog post should guide you on how to change your situation.

Once again, for the best website user analytics and everything related to that, we strongly recommend LiveSession.

Give us a try for free, you won’t regret it.

P.S. Don’t forget to check our blog out for more insightful and helpful knowledge. 


What is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is a website optimization tool that offers features such as heatmaps, visitor recordings, and conversion funnels. It allows website owners to track and analyze visitor behavior to improve website performance and conversions.

What are Lucky Orange disadvantages?

Lucky Orange’s pricing can be high for some users, and its features may not be suitable for every website. It may also impact website loading speed, and some users may have privacy concerns with visitor recording.

Why do I need Lucky Orange alternatives?

You may need Lucky Orange alternatives if its limited integrations, long loading periods or a short trial period don’t fit your business needs. Exploring other options can help you find a better fit for your website optimization goals and budget.

Where should I look for Lucky Orange alternatives?

You can look for Lucky Orange alternatives on Quora, blog sites, search engines, software review sites, and through recommendations from friends and colleagues.

What is the best session replay tool, other than Lucky Orange?

There are many Lucky Orange alternatives, but LiveSession is the best one. It offers features like visitor recordings, and heatmaps that help you improve user engagement and conversions. Its pricing is competitive, and its user interface is intuitive, making it a great option for your business.

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