8 ways recorded sessions help your business

8 ways recorded sessions help your business

Zuzanna Sobczyk
Zuzanna Sobczyk10 minFebruary 19, 2023

Recorded sessions - what are they and, most importantly, how can they help your business flourish?

This is our topic for today.

The power of session recordings is undervalued by many businesses around the world. Why? It’s not clear. 

If you have a website, but you’re not taking advantage of session replays yet - it’s about to change after this article.

So join us today if you want to learn how the recordings of the visitors on your website can boost your business performance on various levels.

Are you ready? Let’s get right into it.

What are recorded sessions?

Recorded sessions refer to videos that capture and preserve the actions and interactions of visitors on a website.

The recordings are generated by tracking the mouse movements, clicks, and other actions of visitors on the website in real-time.

Afterwards, the resulting video can be analyzed to gain insight into visitor behavior, preferences, and experiences. Businesses and website owners can use such information to benefit in several different ways.

 LiveSession tool interface

8 ways recorded sessions benefit your business

These recordings can be huge repositories of valuable knowledge for your company. They often shed light into aspects like improving the sales funnel, identifying pain points and finding bugs that need fixing.

Now, let us show you 8 ways in which recorded sessions can benefit your business.

In other words, here are 8 reasons why you need to be tracking and analyzing your website visitors and their actions:

#1 Improved customer experience

Through analyzing recorded sessions, you can improve the navigation, usability, and overall customer experience of your website.

All this will contribute to making your customers more happy and willing to come back to you in the future. Hear that? That’s the sound of revenue flowing into your company.

💡 Practical tip 

Use session recordings to find out:

  • how much time customers spend on your website,
  • which features customers like the most,
  • what customers click on the most,
  • where customers bounce,
  • where customers encounter bugs.

LiveSession usability testing

#2 Data-driven decision making

Moving on, session replays provide useful data that can be used to make informed, backed by proof decisions. These decisions can concern aspects like your website and marketing strategies for example.

Session recordings make it easy to track key metrics, identify trends and opportunities, and even measure the effectiveness of changes and updates.

💡 Practical tip 

Allow session recordings to help you make data-driven decisions on:

  • website updates and changes,
  • marketing budget,
  • product development,
  • customer support team and more.

LiveSession conversion rate optimization

#3 Boosted user retention

Together with better user experience and data-driven decision making, another benefit lies in boosted user retention. 

Using data coming from website visit videos, it’s easy to identify areas of improvement in the user experience. 

Those areas could be stuff like confusing navigation, poor website speed, or places where users frequently drop off.

If you address these issues, you can seamlessly improve the overall user experience, increase engagement and reduce friction. As a result, users will be more likely to return to your website in the future.

💡 Practical tip 

You can use social recording tools to spot and fix issues slowing down your user retention such as:

  • long loading period,
  • annoying video auto plays,
  • poor design and usability,
  • mobile unfriendliness.

user retention

#4 Increased customer insights

It’s no surprise that knowing what your customers like is valuable knowledge. Anybody would appreciate the opportunity to sneak into their minds and find out their thoughts.

And guess what? The features of session recording tools can get you closer to this knowledge. Seeing and analyzing actions like mouse movements, clicks, scrolls and encountered bugs are great for studying the behavior of your customers.

💡 Practical tip 

Before choosing your session replay software, be sure it offers features like:

  • mouse movements tracking,
  • heatmaps,
  • clicks and scrolls,

rage clicks and error clicks.

LiveSession visitors’ attention

#5 Improved efficiency and cost optimization

Budget matters more than anything in 2023, there’s no question around it. With many companies struggling to keep their revenue stream strong, it’s vital that you search for cost optimization and efficiency increase opportunities. For this, look no further than session recordings.

Once you get data on aspects like why users leave the website or where they struggle, it’ll be quicker and cheaper to fix these issues. Without this vital information, it would be difficult to save time or money because you’d be blindly trying to find out what’s wrong and repair it.

💡 Practical tip 

Use session recording tools to:

  • improve the efficiency of your employees,
  • speed processes in the organization up, 
  • save money on purposeless changes or developments.

#6 Enhanced marketing

Going forward with the benefits, let’s take a look at marketing. 

Did you know that using recorded sessions you can target your marketing efforts more effectively, reach the right audience, and drive business growth? All because these recordings give you insights into customer behavior.

For example, let’s say that upon analyzing your session recordings it turns out that product A is the most viewed one, but there aren’t many purchases of it. Based on this data, you can put this product on sale and launch a marketing campaign for it to encourage people to come back and buy it. See how you’ve just enhanced your marketing?

💡 Practical tip 

Use session recording tools to find out:

  • what are the most popular products on your website,
  • what are the least popular products on your website,

and so on to craft personalized and time-bound marketing campaigns.

LiveSession performance marketing

#7 Better customer support

Understanding the needs of your customers (or website users) can be tricky sometimes. Imagine they’re reporting issues to you that you cannot really see, and at the same time users struggle with describing them properly.

This is when session recordings can help you tremendously. Thanks to being able to see exactly what users did (or didn’t do) on the website, helping them becomes a much easier task.

💡 Practical tip 

Whenever a website visitor reports some issues to you, it’s always worth going back to the session recording and checking what exactly happened and at what point. 

Based on this information, you can quickly create requests to fix them to maintain a flawless user experience.

LiveSession customer support

#8 More efficient A/B testing

Last but not least, using recorded sessions you can perform A/B tests and compare the performance of different versions of your website. This makes it easier to optimize and improve your online presence, focusing on the parts of the website that perform the best.

As a result, you can use the best version of your website to attract as much traffic (and hopefully sales) as possible.

💡 Practical tip 

Start by picking the right tool for session recordings. There are many tools out there so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs. Consider factors such as cost, features, and integrations when making your selection. 

Then, perform A/B testing on multiple elements, such as the layout, wording, images, and more. Test different variations to determine which ones have the biggest impact on your goals.

LiveSession A/B testing

Get started with session recordings using LiveSession

Reaping the benefits of recorded sessions starts with choosing the right tool for this purpose.

There are many solutions for session replays out there, but few deliver on their promises. Issues like poor user interface, buggy features and high pricing can quickly discourage potential users like you.

Luckily for you, we know a solution that won’t disappoint you at any point - LiveSession.

Livesession is a powerful analytics software that provides businesses with in-depth insights into their customer interactions.

The software enables you to get a better understanding of their customers’ behavior and preferences, and to use that information to make informed decisions about their business.

One of the standout features of LiveSession is session recording.

 LiveSession tool interface

This feature allows you to record and review customer interactions. With session recordings, you can see things like:

  • how your website visitors are engaging with your website,
  • what their pain points are,
  • what doesn’t work about your website,

 and more.

These insights can be used to identify areas for improvement, optimize customer service processes, and train employees more effectively.

LiveSession use cases

Livesession is a must-have tool for businesses like yours looking to take their customer engagement to the next level. The session recording feature is especially useful, as it provides you with a clear understanding of how customers are interacting with your website.

So if you’re looking to enhance your customer engagement and boost your business performance, it’s time to start using LiveSession! Try it out today - sign up for the free trial or free plan.

Wrap up

And that’s a wrap from our side! Now you know how beneficial recorded sessions can be for your business.

To sum everything up, analyzing your recorded sessions can give your business:

  • improved customer experience,
  • data-driven decision making,
  • boosted user retention,
  • increased customer insights,
  • improved efficiency and cost optimization,
  • enhanced marketing,
  • better customer support, and
  • more efficient A/B testing.

That’s a pretty attractive list of benefits, isn’t it?

If you want to join the party and have them too, LiveSession is waiting for you. Our powerful solution will open the door to a whole new level of user behavior insights for you.

So take advantage of the free trial or free plan and try it out today - you won’t regret it.

Apart from this, we hope you liked this article. If you did, be sure to check out our similar releases, as well as guides and tutorials. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with session recordings!

Learn more about LiveSession’s session replay capabilities here.

Recorded sessions FAQ

Find out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about recorded sessions in this section of the article.

How can recorded sessions help my business?

Recording the website visits of your users can help your business in several different ways. Improving user experience, making data-driven decisions and increasing efficiency together with cutting costs are just some of the examples. All in all, recorded sessions are a powerful tool for businesses.

How can I start using recorded sessions?

To get started with recorded sessions, you need a website analytics tool with the feature to record the visits of people on your website. Potentially the best one on the market you can go for is LiveSession. It’s rich in website analytics features, easy to implement and for absolutely every budget.

What is the best tool for session recording out there with nice additional features?

The best tool for this is definitely LiveSession. It’s a solution designed to make tasks like analyzing user behavior, improving UX, finding bugs, increasing conversion rates and more a piece of cake. Using its session replay features, you’ll be able to quickly boost the performance of your business.

Is it difficult to set up a session recording tool on my website?

The level of difficulty to add a session recording tool to your website depends on, first and foremost, the type of tool that you decide to use. Some tools may be easy to implement, while others may take hours of your time to set. For easy and quick implementation, we recommend LiveSession.

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