New session list and player layout

We've made a couple of important changes this week. First of all, the session list view and player have been split. From now on, it's not the same screen. Why did we change this? Because it was hard to extend, there was no place for new features, and it started to be cluttered. You can find a preview of the new session list below:

LiveSession player

The new layout has pre-defined segments, so you can apply ready-to-go filters with one click. There's a normal pagination - infinite scroll was cool, but also very problematic. You can see applied filters, which gives you an overview of the current state. Finally, when you click on specific session attribute you search session replays with this specific property.

That's how the new player looks like:

LiveSession player

Next change on the list is the dashboard. You can use it to get insights about your visitors. It consists of two sections right now: trafic sources and technology. The first one lets you referrers, UTM parameters, and countries of your visitors.

LiveSession player

The second one tells you about screen resolutions, top browsers, and top devices used by your visitors.

LiveSession player

Check how it works on video:

Thanks for your time! Please leave feedback below.

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