Session Replay Tools - Picking The Best One

Session Replay Tools - Picking The Best One

Kamil Drazkiewicz
Kamil Drazkiewicz13 minMarch 01, 2023

Looking to get started with session replay tools? You couldn’t have picked a better article to do so!

Today, we are coming to help you with picking the best session replay software for your needs.

We will go over topics like what these tools are, what they do, what features they offer and much more.

So join us for the next couple of minutes. And who knows, maybe you’ll end this article ready to get a tool that will tickle your fancy?

Let’s get right into it.

What are session replay tools?

Session replay tools are software applications that track and record user interactions on a website or mobile application. These recordings allow website owners and marketers to analyze and improve various aspects of companies.

Such user behavior tracking solutions capture and store data like clicks, scrolls and mouse movements. As a result, they provide visual representations of users’ sessions for later analysis.

Who are session replay tools for?

Session replay tools are useful for a broad range of organizations. Some specific examples of who may benefit from such software include:

👉 E-commerce businesses

Thanks to using session replay tools, online retailers can see exactly how customers interact with their website. This can help them identify and fix any issues that might be causing customers to abandon their carts or leave the site without making a purchase.

 LiveSession for eCommerce


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👉 Financial institutions

To better understand how their customers use their websites or apps, banks, advisors (e.g., AdvizorPro) and other financial institutions can use website visitor tracking solutions. Utilizing these tools also makes it less difficult for them to comply with data privacy and security regulations.

👉 SaaS companies

Another example is software companies. When businesses like webinar software, email platforms, or membership management tools (e.g., Impexium) start utilizing website user trackers, it becomes simpler to identify and troubleshoot bugs in products. 

Additionally, tools like that make it far easier to understand how users are actually using their software. Such insightful data can be a game changer when it comes to product development.

 LiveSession for SaaS


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👉 Digital products providers

Finally, any business that offers an online service or product (such as cloud surveillance, e.g., Arcules) can use session replay tools to monitor user behavior and improve the user experience. What’s more, these solutions can also be used to provide stellar customer support.

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Session replay tools - benefits

Businesses that decide to use session replay tools can expect a wide range of benefits waiting for them around the corner. Some of the most popular are:

💪 Perfecting customer support

Tools like LiveSession allow customer support teams to deliver better quality of service. For instance, they can help agents understand the issues that users encounter more clearly. This is the perfect way to increase customer satisfaction levels.

As a result, users can be happy about receiving top-notch service. At the same time, companies enjoy great customer help reviews and insights into customer behavior. Win-win.

 LiveSession for customer support


💪 Improving user experience

Moving forward, another benefit of session recorders is the chance to improve user experience. These tools give insights into user behavior, e.g. what mouse clicks they’re making or which design elements attract most of their attention.

Thus, businesses can make improvements to their website or application that will enhance the overall experience. For example, they can optimize navigation or improve the checkout process to reduce cart abandonment.

 LiveSession for usability testing


💪 Identifying bugs and technical issues

Identifying technical issues or bugs that may be impacting the user experience is another powerful advantage of tools like LiveSession.

Businesses can use them to identify broken links, fix confusing design, improve slow page load times, and other issues that may affect user engagement. All of that for delivering the best digital journey for individual users.

 LiveSession for application debugging


💪 Enhancing conversion funnels

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the chance to improve your conversion rate optimization efforts and reduce bounce rates. Businesses like yours can increase revenue by understanding user behavior and improving their experience.

Among other things, they may optimize landing pages to increase signups or tweak the checkout process to reduce cart abandonment. Sounds pretty attractive, doesn’t it?

 LiveSession for conversion rate optimization


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Naturally, the list of benefits doesn’t end here. You can also get session replay solutions for the purposes of performance marketing, user engagement tracking and more. The possibilities are rich.

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Best session replay tools - features

Reaping the benefits of tools like that start with choosing the right solution. Without that, don’t expect to see any results quickly. This is because the whole power of these tools lies in their features.

So how to know which tool you should pick? 

We’ve combined a list of essential session replay features that reliable website visitor tracking tools ought to offer for guaranteed results.

Check them out yourself:

💯session playbacks

What it does: lets you see what users do on your website, as well as find bottlenecks in their journey.

💯 funnels

What it does: makes it possible to analyze processes and how they end up becoming conversions.

LiveSession’s funnels


💯 click and heat maps

What it does: allows you to find spots on your website that attract lots of clicks, e.g. those where sales are likely to happen

 LiveSession’s heat maps


💯 filter sessions

What it does: helps you keep your individual sessions analysis organized and well-filtered. This is specifically useful when you’re dealing with many website visitors and, as a result, lots of videos to analyze.

 LiveSession’s filter sessions


💯 recording rules

What it does: guides you in focusing on the most important aspects of the replays by cutting off unimportant traffic from being monitored.

 LiveSession’s recording rules


Other useful features include:

💯 custom properties

💯 custom user events and user actions

💯 rage clicks and error clicks

💯 inspect mode

💯 engagement score

💯 user journey

💯 dev tools

💯 user identification

Read more about them here.

The real price of session recordings tools

Session replay tools vary in pricing depending on their provider and features.

For a limited time period, some providers offer free trials with limited features, and others offer full-featured trials. Subscriptions, pay-as-you-go, and one-time purchases are all common pricing models.

For small businesses or individuals, session replay tools are quite affordable. However, for larger enterprises with higher traffic volumes and more complex websites, they can get quite expensive.

You should carefully consider the pricing options and features of each session replay tool before making a decision. This is to ensure that it meets both your needs and budget.

Example: You can get a reliable and powerful solution like LiveSession from as little as $0 per month. Get started with the free plan and gradually scale according to your needs - all for super convenient, budget-friendly prices. As a bonus, enjoy 2 months completely for free.

 LiveSession pricing


Picking your recording sessions tool

At this point of the article, you’re probably eager to get a session replay tool for your business as soon as possible.

If that’s the case, we’re about to help you out with this process. Let us now show you where to look for your perfect tool, as well as what you should consider:

Where to look?

There is a number of places you may decide to find your one and only website user tracking tool at. We highly recommend the following ones:

🔍 Software review websites like Capterra, G2, and GetApp that offer detailed reviews, comparisons, and ratings of session replay tools.

 LiveSession on Capterra


🔍 Search engine results from engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo that will show you top results for your search queries.

🔍 Social media groups and communities like Quora, all related to web development and user experience design where professionals share their recommendations and experiences with different tools.

 LiveSession on Quora


🔍 Industry conferences and events that showcase the latest technologies and trends, where vendors of session recording tools may exhibit their products and offer demos.

🔍 Directly from the websites of session recordings tool providers, which offer information about their features, pricing, free trials and more.

What to consider?

Knowing where to look is one thing, but you also have to know the right criteria to filter by.

If you don’t know where to start, we’re coming with a helping hand:

✔️ Features

First of all, you should think about the features offered by the session replay recording tool and ensure that they align with your needs. For instance, you might be interested in advanced analytics features. 

Some tools may offer advanced options, such as heat maps and funnel analysis, while others may only provide basic replay capabilities only.

✔️ Integrations

Another crucial aspect is the availability of integrations. You should always check if the tool you’re considering can integrate with your website or mobile app. And remember about your existing toolstack as well!

This is important to guarantee that you can capture and analyze user sessions accurately.

 LiveSession integrations


✔️ Pricing

Moving forward, let’s not forget about pricing - a highly significant element of the complete picture.

Your goal should be to verify whether the tool’s pricing model fits your budget. You can do this by researching various pricing plans in advance. 

Moreover, always have a budget you’re ready to spend in your mind. This will save you from overspending.

There are some tools that offer a free trial or a free basic plan, while others may require a subscription.

✔️ User interface

Next up - the user interface. If you wish to make the most out of your subscription, you must have a seamless experience using the tool you end up picking.

Our recommendation is to look for a tool that has a user-friendly interface and provides easy navigation. 

This will help you save time and quickly analyze user sessions.

✔️ Data privacy

Last but not least, always take a moment to think about user privacy.

Ensure that the tool complies with privacy policy and regulations. Look for tools that provide data encryption and anonymity features to protect user data. Without that, we wouldn’t consider using a tool.

Ultimately, the choice you make will depend on various factors. It’s vital to keep them in the back of your mind throughout the research process.

LiveSession’s privacy policy


Read more on our privacy policies here.

LiveSession - the best session replay tool for your needs

If you want to skip on the laborious and challenging task of finding the best session replay tool for your needs, we got you!

Let us recommend you our top class solution for all things:

  • website user behavior tracking,
  • heat maps,
  • conversion optimization and engagement tracking,
  • customer support,
  • performance marketing,

and more - LiveSession!

 LiveSession for website user behavior tracking


Our software offers the best solution for monitoring your website visitors’ behavior in real-time.

With advanced features such as session replay, heat maps, and funnels, you can quickly and easily identify areas of your website that require improvement.

The tool is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it ideal for both novice and experienced website owners.

What’s more, LiveSession is affordable and offers a range of pricing plans to suit your needs (including a free plan).

Get started today and see for yourself why LiveSession is the best solution for website user behavior tracking.

LiveSession solutions


Wrap up

And that’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Session replays are a powerful invention that businesses should consider taking advantage of. We are pretty sure that our article showed this today.

Thank you for your time and good luck with session replay tools!

Don’t forget to give LiveSession a try if you’re into reliable, high-quality solutions.

P.S. Check our blog out for more interesting content on recorded sessions and more.

See you next time!


Last but not least, an insightful FAQ section with some of the most common questions and answers. Enjoy!

What is the definition of session replay tools?

A session replay tool tracks and records user interactions on a website or mobile application. By analyzing and improving these recordings, website owners and marketers can improve various aspects of their businesses.

Who can benefit from using session replay tools?

Examples of types of companies that can benefit from session replay tools are: e-commerce, financial institutions, SaaS businesses and online service providers. Ultimately, anybody with a website can take advantage of such tools.

What advantages do session replay tools provide?

Tools for website user tracking and analysis offer great benefits. Examples include perfecting your customer support, fixing issues quicker, increasing conversions and improving user experience. Of course, these are just some of them.

What are the key features of the top session replay tools?

Some of the key features of the top session replay tools include session replays, funnels, click and heat maps, filters, recording rules and other. Your perfect, ideal solution should have these features to offer you the best experience and results.

How much do session replay tools typically cost?

The price of a session replay tool depends heavily on many factors, such as the availability of features and integrations. Some tools can be completely free, while some may charge very high fees for their solutions. In short, every tool is different.

What factors should be considered when selecting the ideal session replay tool?

There are several factors to take into consideration when you’re on a hunt for the best session replay tool for your needs. They include features, integrations, pricing, data privacy and user interface. It’s vital to think about them when you’re choosing your one and only.

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