Ultimate Visitor Tracking Tools To Try in 2023

Ultimate Visitor Tracking Tools To Try in 2023

Zuzanna Sobczyk
Zuzanna Sobczyk17 minAugust 15, 2023

Have you ever wanted to peek behind the curtains and see how people interact with your site?

We’re talking real insights, like a backstage pass to user behavior.

Well, it’s possible with visitor tracking tools.

But there’s one trick: there are so many of them that it’s hard to pick one that will truly live up to your expectations.

That’s why in this article we’re sharing a curated list of top 10 solutions. All so that you can avoid hours of mundane and laborious research.

What is a visitor tracking software?

Visitor tracking software is a tool designed to monitor and collect data about visitors who interact with a website. It provides insights into user behavior, helping website owners and businesses understand how users engage with their site.

10 benefits of using website visitor tracking software

Integrating a website visitor tracking tool is an amazing idea for so many reasons:

Get the inside scoop

Visitor tracking tools spill the beans on what users do on your site. You’ll see which pages they dig, how long they stick around, and where they bail. Talk about a backstage pass to user behavior.

Boost those conversions

Ever wanted to up your game in the conversion arena? Visitor identification tools are your coach. By figuring out where peeps are converting and where they’re saying “adios,” you can tweak things to skyrocket those conversion rates.

Personal touch

Imagine serving up content that’s like a personal greeting. A good website visitor tracking tool can give you the lowdown on individuals, so you can tailor the customer experience. It’s like offering folks their favorite drink at a bar – they’ll love it!

Spot the diamond leads

Not all leads are created equal. And so proper visitor identification tools help you find the shiny ones – the leads with real potential. Your sales team will be high-fiving ‘cause they’re chasing the good stuff.

Spy on the competition

Sneaky, huh? Some of the website visitor tracking software options out there let you peek at what your competitors are up to. It’s like getting insider info on the enemy. You’ll know what’s hot in your industry and can outshine the competition.

Content magic

Find out what content gets folks all excited thanks to website tracking. You can make more of the stuff they love and fix up what’s not getting any applause. It’s like giving your audience exactly what they want - all thanks to website visitor tracking tools.

Live action

Think real-time, my friend. You can watch the party unfold as it happens. Great for checking if your marketing efforts are hitting the bullseye or if there’s an unexpected influx of anonymous website visitors.

Happy users

Know when your website’s acting like a grumpy old bear? Visitor tracking exposes the kinks in your armor – slow pages, confusing paths, mobile mishaps. Fix them up, and watch your individual visitors do a happy dance.

ROI detective

Want to know where your marketing dollars are hitting the jackpot? A visitor identification tool is your detective. It sniffs out which channels are bringing in the gold, so you can invest smarter.

Decisions, decisions

When you’re armed with data, you’re like a hero making super-informed choices. Website visitor behavior tracking serves up the facts on a silver platter, whether it’s designing, content strategy, marketing blitzes, or product tweaks.

Best Website Visitor Tracking Tools To Try in 2023

To take advantage of these amazing benefits, you need the right tool. It has to meet your various needs.

So, is it simple to do so? No.

But to make things easier for you, here is a curated list of the top 10 that may tickle your fancy:

#1 LiveSession

LiveSession website

LiveSession is an absolute marvel in the realm of web analytics for understanding what people do on your website. It’s like having a magic window that shows you videos of how visitors use your site — where they click, scroll, and more. Almost as if you were going back in time to see what they did.

But it’s not just videos - LiveSession also has colorful maps that show you which parts of your website people like the most and which parts they don’t. It works in a way that you have a map to find out what’s good and what needs improvement.

You can also dig deep into the data to find out what certain groups of visitors are doing.

LiveSession use cases

With LiveSession, you’re not just tracking visitors - you’re learning how to make your website better.

It’s like having a personal coach for your website to help it shine and be the best it can be. Say hello to a brighter future for your website with LiveSession!


  • In-depth user insights: LiveSession offers session recordings, so you can actually see how users navigate your website
  • Visual clarity with heatmaps: the heatmaps provided by LiveSession offer a visually intuitive way to understand user interactions - you can quickly see which parts of your site receive the most attention, guiding your optimization efforts.
  • Error detection: LiveSession’s ability to track errors users come across on your site can be highly beneficial as it lets you fix issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • User experience improvement: With the insights from LiveSession, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance the user experience.
  • Engagement analysis: LiveSession helps you analyze user engagement by tracking mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls - you can use this information to understand how engaged users are with your content and calls to action.


  • Learning Curve: like any robust tool, there might be a slight learning curve as you get accustomed to LiveSession’s features - however, this isn’t necessarily a significant drawback, as most tracking tools require some level of familiarity.

Top features:

Who it’s for: LiveSession is suitable for businesses that are looking to gain insights into user behavior through session recordings and heatmaps, especially those that want to track user interactions more visually. It’s a tool that can benefit businesses of various sizes, from startups to mid-sized companies, as long as they’re mindful of the learning curve involved.

And if you need help, the LiveSession team is there for you, ready to answer your questions and guide you. They have lots of helpful information to make things easier for you.

#2 Google Analytics

Google Analytics graphic


The old reliable. Google Analytics provides comprehensive data on website traffic, user behavior, conversions, and more. It’s free and used by businesses of all sizes.


  • Comprehensive data: Google Analytics provides a wealth of data on various aspects of website performance.
  • Free and widely used: it’s cost-effective for businesses of all sizes and has a large user base.


  • Steep learning curve: the abundance of features can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Data accuracy: some users report discrepancies in data accuracy.
  • Limited real-time data: the real-time reporting is somewhat limited compared to some other tools.
  • Dependence on Google: your data is stored with Google, which raises privacy concerns for some.

Top features:

  • Traffic analysis
  • Conversion tracking
  • User behavior insights
  • Customizable dashboards

Who it’s for: businesses of all sizes looking for a common and widely-used analytics solution with essential features.

#3 Hotjar

Hotjar website

Hotjar combines analytics and user feedback tools, offering heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and more. It’s a relatively reliable website visitor tracking software for visualizing user behavior.


  • Visual insights: heatmaps and session recordings offer a visual understanding of user behavior.
  • User feedback: surveys and feedback tools provide direct user input.


  • Pricing: Hotjar’s pricing can be high for certain user counts or features.
  • Limited advanced analytics: it might not cover the more advanced use analytics needs of larger enterprises.
  • Privacy concerns: recording user sessions may raise privacy issues.
  • Limited real-time: real-time data features are not as robust as some other tools.

Top features:

  • Heatmaps
  • Session recordings
  • Surveys and user feedback tools
  • Conversion funnel analysis

Who it’s for: businesses focused on visualizing user behavior and collecting user feedback to improve user experience.

#4 Crazy Egg

CrazyEgg website

Known for its heatmaps and user behavior insights, Crazy Egg helps you understand where users click, scroll, and how they interact with your site.


  • Heatmaps: Crazy Egg provides clear visualizations of user interactions.
  • User behavior insights: aids you in seeing where users click, scroll, and how they engage.


  • Pricing: some users find it expensive, especially if you need advanced features.
  • Underdeveloped analytics: Crazy Egg may not be suitable for enterprises with complex analytics requirements.
  • Privacy concerns: recording user interactions can raise privacy questions.
  • Session replay limitations: some users report limitations in session replay features.

Top features:

  • Heatmaps
  • User behavior insights
  • A/B testing (in some plans)

Who it’s for: businesses looking to gain insights into user behavior through visual tools and heatmaps.

#5 Mouseflow

Mouseflow website

Similar to Crazy Egg, Mouseflow provides heatmaps, session replay, and funnel analysis. It’s particularly useful for getting insights into user behavior data.


  • Heatmaps: Mouseflow provides heatmaps for visualizing user interactions.
  • Session Replay: it lets you replay user sessions to understand their behavior.


  • Privacy concerns: session replay may raise privacy questions for some people.
  • Pricing: pricing can be relatively high, especially if you’re a fan of advanced features.
  • Limited real-time data: real-time tracking features are not as robust as in the case of some other tools.
  • Complexity: some users find the platform’s interface a bit complex.

Top features:

  • Heatmaps
  • Session replay
  • Funnel analysis
  • Form analytics

Who it’s for: businesses aiming to understand user behavior in detail through heatmaps and session replays.

#6 Optimizely

Optimizely website

While primarily known for A/B testing, Optimizely also offers visitor tracking and experimentation tools to help you optimize user experiences.


  • A/B Testing: the solution is known for its A/B testing capabilities.
  • Experimentation Tools: Optimizely delivers tools for experimentation and optimization.


  • Pricing: Optimizely can be costly, especially for businesses with large-scale testing needs.
  • Focus on testing: it may not provide the same depth of analytics as dedicated tracking tools.
  • Complicated use: some users find it a bit complex, especially beginners.
  • Limited features: Some users report that the visitor tracking features are not as comprehensive as other tools.

Top features:

  • A/B testing
  • Experimentation tools
  • Personalization

Who it’s for: businesses focused on A/B testing and optimization of user experiences.

#7 HubSpot

HubSpot website

HubSpot’s marketing suite includes website tracking features that can help you monitor and analyze user behavior, track conversions, and more.


  • Comprehensive marketing suite: it has a full suite of marketing tools.
  • User tracking: HubSpot provides features for tracking user behavior and conversions.


  • Pricing: HubSpot’s pricing can be high, especially for businesses with growing needs.
  • Complexity: the platform’s full suite of tools may feel overwhelming for some users.
  • Learning curve: it can take some time to learn and fully utilize all the features.
  • Integration limitations: integration with other tools may not be as seamless as you would expect.

Top Features:

  • User behavior tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • Marketing automation

Who it’s for: businesses looking for an all-in-one marketing solution with user tracking capabilities.

#8 Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics website

Focused on customer behavior analysis, Kissmetrics helps you track user journeys, engagement, and conversion events. As such, it provides insights for improving your marketing efforts.


  • Customer behavior analysis: focuses on tracking customer behavior.
  • User journeys: helps you track user journeys, engagement, and conversion events.


  • Pricing: some users find it expensive, especially for advanced features.
  • Limited real-time data: real-time tracking features are not as robust as some other tools.
  • Unintuitive UI: Some users get confused while using it because of poor UI.
  • Complexity: the user experience is not as smooth as it could be.

Top features:

  • Customer behavior analysis
  • User journey tracking
  • Cohort analysis

Who it’s for: businesses looking to deeply analyze customer behavior and optimize their marketing efforts.

#9 Matomo

Matomo website

If data privacy is a concern, Matomo (formerly Piwik) is an open-source analytics platform that you can host on your own servers. Using this tool gives you more control over your data.


  • Data privacy: being open-source and self-hosted, Matomo offers more control over your data.
  • Customization: highly customizable to fit specific needs.


  • Setup complexity: self-hosting can be more complex to set up compared to cloud-based tools.
  • Limited support: community support isn’t as robust as other web visitor tracking tools.
  • Learning curve: Matomo requires technical knowledge to set up and use effectively.
  • Limited features: some users find that certain features are not as comprehensive as other analytics platforms.

Top features:

  • Self-hosted (better data privacy)
  • Customization options

Who it’s for: businesses concerned about data privacy and willing to invest in self-hosting for more control.

#10 Mixpanel

Mixpanel website

Mixpanel is known for its event-based tracking. Its main purpose is to help you understand how users interact with specific actions on your site or app.


  • Event-based tracking: recognized for the event-based tracking features, Mixpanel makes it possible for you to understand user interactions.
  • User segmentation: this tool allows you to segment users based on specific actions.


  • Pricing: some users find Mixpanel expensive, especially as usage grows.
  • Onboarding: the event-based approach might require a learning curve.
  • Limited real-time data: real-time tracking features may be more limited compared to some other tools.
  • Integration challenges: integrating with other tools can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Top features:

  • Event-based tracking
  • User segmentation
  • Funnel analysis

Who it’s for: businesses seeking in-depth insights into user interactions with a focus on event-based tracking, particularly useful for sales teams, for instance.

#11 Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics website

This is definitely a solution for larger rather than smaller enterprises. Adobe Analytics offers advanced analytics capabilities to track user behavior, customer segments, and marketing performance.


  • Advanced functionalities: offers advanced analytics features for larger enterprises.
  • Customer segmentation: allows you to segment users for more targeted analysis.


  • Pricing: Adobe Analytics is often considered expensive, especially for smaller businesses.
  • Complexity: the advanced features may make it more complex for some users.
  • Learning Curve: getting the most out of the advanced features might require some training.
  • Integration Challenges: integrating with other tools can be challenging.

Top features:

  • Advanced analytics capabilities
  • Customer segmentation
  • Marketing performance tracking

Who it’s for: Adobe Analytics is primarily suited for larger enterprises that have the resources, both in terms of budget and expertise, to leverage its advanced analytics capabilities.

Remember to consider apsects like your specific needs, budget, and the user experience when choosing a visitor tracking tool for your business.

Which website visitor identification software should you choose?

When it comes to selecting the ideal option from all the website analytics tools out there, LiveSession emerges as the standout choice.


Well, it combines the best of both worlds!

You get the power to watch real users in action through session recordings, helping you spot stumbling blocks and celebrate the bright spots of your website.

Those heatmaps? A total game-changer!

They give you crystal-clear visuals of website visits: where visitors click, move, and scroll, revealing user preferences like a treasure map.

Not to mention, LiveSession keeps a keen eye on errors, ensuring you catch and fix those pesky issues that can drive visitors away.

Plus, it’s user-friendly, making it an excellent pick even if you’re not a tech whiz.

So, whether you’re a startup or a mid-sized business, LiveSession provides the insights you need without breaking the bank.

It’s all about improving user experience, and LiveSession is the secret sauce that makes it happen. Get ready to understand your users like never before and make your website a user-friendly haven - sign up today!

LiveSession user review


What is a visitor tracking software?

Visitor tracking software monitors and collects data about website visitors, providing insights into user behavior to help businesses understand how users engage with their site.

Why should I use website visitor tracking software?

Website visitor tracking software offers several benefits, including understanding user behavior, improving conversions, personalizing user experiences, identifying high-potential leads, analyzing competitors, optimizing content, real-time tracking, identifying and fixing issues, maximizing ROI, and making informed decisions.

LiveSession stands out for its comprehensive set of features. It provides in-depth user insights through session recordings, offers visual clarity with heatmaps, detects errors for a smoother user experience, and enhances engagement analysis. It’s suitable for businesses looking to gain insights visually, making it a valuable tool for startups and mid-sized companies.

How does LiveSession compare to other tools, such as Google Analytics or Hotjar?

Each tool has its unique features and advantages. LiveSession is particularly strong in providing visual insights through session recordings and heatmaps. Essentially, it’s a great choice for businesses seeking a more visually oriented visitor tracking solution.

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