Product Analytics Software - Best Product Analytics Tools' Features & More (part II)

Zuzanna SobczykApril 07, 202312 min

In part two of our guide, we explore product analytics software in more detail.

We'll explore the features that set the best tools apart, from intuitive dashboards and robust data visualization to advanced segmentation and predictive analytics capabilities. We'll also discuss factors to consider when choosing a tool, such as integration capabilities, scalability, and customer support.

We'll highlight some of the top product analytics tools in the market, providing an overview of their features, strengths, and who they're best suited for.

We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision, whether you're a startup or an established company looking for your first product analytics tool!

  1. Top Features of Product Analytics Tools
  2. The Real Price of a Product Analytics Solution
  3. Challenges in Implementing Product Analytics Tools
  4. How Does LiveSession Compare With Other Tools?
  5. Conclusion

Top Features of Product Analytics Tools

To reap the benefits of product analytics tools we mentioned here , you need a proper tool.

And what can be considered a proper tool?

Well…Have you ever wondered how users interact with your website or product? Or what makes them stop engaging with your product? Maybe you’re interested in knowing how many people view your products?

Using the right product analytics tools with powerful features, you can get answers to these questions.

And this is what makes a tool “proper”.

So… what are these features?

Here are some of the top functionalities of product analytics tools like LiveSession:

🛠️ session replays

This feature allows you to identify user frustration points, track user journeys, and understand how users interact with specific features. You can watch recordings of users' interactions easily, as well as access their data such as browser and device used, location and so on.

LiveSession session replays

📚 See how session replay tools help your business here.

🛠️ custom events

Are you looking to learn about some specific actions your product users take? You can get a full view of your product usage by setting up custom events. It’s possible to track the path your customers take to activation with session replays. And you can even take a look at real data to see how users behave. Blind guessing will be finally over.

LiveSession custom events

📚 See how custom events work here.

🛠️ funnel analysis

This one lets you track active users journeys from start to finish, identifying where users drop off and why. Thanks to it, you will create funnels to track specific user behaviors, such as sign-ups, purchases, or form submissions. It also helps you understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

LiveSession funnels

🛠️ click and heat maps

Next up, click and heat maps. A feature that many like. Using it, you can visualize user behavior, seeing where users click and where they spend the most time on a page. This feature helps you identify areas of high and low engagement, understand how users navigate your products, and optimize the user experience.

LiveSession click and heat maps

📚 See how to use heatmaps to improve page performance here.

🛠️ user identification

The under identification feature gives you exactly what you think it does. Identifying users. You can track individual users' behavior and gain insights into how specific users interact with your products. Identify users by IP address, location, device, and more. This feature helps you personalize your marketing campaigns and improve the user experience.

📚 See how to identify users here.

LiveSession user identification

🛠️ console

Product errors can be deadly. Luckily, features like “console” come to the rescue. Use it to see Javascript errors, detailed stack traces and logs.

LiveSession console

🛠️ network

Finally, something for those who want to record headers, request bodies and response bodies for individual network requests that took place within a user’s visit.

LiveSession network

📚 Interested in learning more? Look here.

The Real Price of a Product Analytics Solution

When it comes to optimizing your digital product experience, it's crucial to have a robust tech stack that includes a reliable product analytics solution. You already know this.

With the right tool, you can track key metrics, user actions, and user engagement to make informed decisions about your product's performance.

Alright - but let’s get to the meritum. How much is this going to cost you?

While some businesses may be tempted by free product analytics solutions, these options can be time-consuming, unreliable, and may not provide the necessary features for deeper analysis.

But… not always!

Some solutions, e.g. LiveSession, offer their users free lifetime versions of their tool. All so that they can get a taste of the tool’s powerful capabilities. Seems reasonable? We think so!

And it’s not everything. While we do offer a free plan, we also have paid subscriptions to choose from if you like our tool.

Investing in a high-quality, paid product analytics tool can provide a more comprehensive understanding of customer lifetime. As a result, this will help you make actionable decisions to improve your product.

While the upfront cost of a paid product analytics tool may be higher, the long-term benefits can save your business time and money in the long run.

Check out our free plan and paid (but extremely affordable) pricing plans here.

Challenges in Implementing Product Analytics Tools

Okay, okay, okay…

You’ve subscribed to your chosen solution. What now?

Well, it’s not the end of your struggle. Especially if you didn’t research your tool properly in advance.

See, implementing your product analytics tools can be a little challenging.

This whole process doesn’t go without issues. We believe that you should be aware of what these potential problems are (and how we solve them at LiveSession).

Keep reading to learn about the challenges in getting a product analytics tool:

🟧 cost constraints

One of the primary challenges of implementing product analytics software is the cost constraints that businesses face. Let’s be honest - money matters more than ever in 2023.

Many businesses operate on tight budgets, and investing in expensive software may not be feasible for them. What to do in this situation?

🚀 How LiveSession solves this🚀

Get LiveSession. We offer affordable pricing plans that cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Yes, including yours. The pricing plans are flexible and scalable, allowing you to pay for only what you need and upgrade as you grow.

Check it out here.

🟧 complex implementation process

Another threat could stem from implementing the chosen tool. Imagine you buy a tool and you can’t even use it because it’s so hard to set up.

Implementing product analytics software can be a complex process that requires technical expertise. Setting up the software, configuring it, and integrating it with existing systems and tools may be time-consuming and challenging. Is there any way to simplify this?

🚀 How LiveSession solves this🚀

Yes! We provide an easy implementation process that requires little to no developer intervention. Our software is straightforward to set up. Thanks to this, you can start collecting data about your products within minutes.

🟧 difficulty integrating with existing systems and tools

Before getting a product analytics tool, many businesses already use a variety of tools and systems to manage their operations. Examples may include marketing software, CRM tools, social media tools and other.

Integrating your product analytics tool with your existing toolstack can turn out to be a bit of a hard nut to crack. Solution?

🚀 How LiveSession solves this🚀

Once again - LiveSession! We offer rich integration possibilities. LiveSession integrates with a variety of tools and systems, including Google Analytics, Zendesk, Sentry, Slack, WordPress, Shopify, Drift, Segment and even Zapier or Crisp. This allows your business to centralize data and gain a holistic view of all the operations.

LiveSession integrations

🟧 privacy and security concerns

As a business owner, you are responsible for protecting your customers' data and ensuring their privacy. Implementing product analytics software can raise privacy and security concerns. This can happen especially when you pick an unreliable and not trustworthy solution. Could this be avoided?

🚀 How LiveSession solves this🚀

Of course! At LiveSession, we have top-class, stellar data security practices. We are GDPR, GCP and PCI compliant. Businesses that pick us can be confident that their data and their users’ data is secure with us at all times. You can read more about this here.

LiveSession privacy regulations

🟧 technical limitations

Finally, something that many dread - technical limitations. Product analytics software may have technical limitations that can cut down on its effectiveness. For example, the software may not be able to handle large amounts of data or provide real-time analytics. Does this mean you can’t do anything about it?

🚀 How LiveSession solves this🚀

Definitely not. The key is to pick the right, reliable solution, like LiveSession. We provide a robust platform that can handle large amounts of data and provide real-time analytics. The software is designed to be scalable and can grow together with your business.

How Does LiveSession Compare With Other Tools?

To not make you feel like we’re biased (although we may be a little bit), we’ve prepared a special comparison.

LiveSession vs HotJar and LiveSession vs FullStory - a comparison of popular product analytics tools.

Thanks to it, it should be easier for you to make your choice.


LiveSession vs. Hotjar

Here’s why LiveSession might be a better alternative.

favicon Hotjar
Engagement score checkcross
Rage clicks & error clicks checkcross
Custom properties checkcross
User identification checkcross
Inspect mode checkcross
Segmentation checkcross
Recording rules checkcheck
Form analysischeckcheck
Tags checkcheck
Always-on recordings checkcross
Full SPA support checkcross
User journey checkcross
Custom events checkcross
Segment notifications checkcross
Data export checkcross
Dev Tools checkcross
Funnels checkcheck

Find out more here.

LiveSession vs. FullStory

Here’s why LiveSession might be a better alternative.

favicon FullStory
Engagement score checkcross
Rage clicks & error clicks checkcheck
Custom properties checkcheck
User identification checkcheck
Inspect mode checkcheck
Segmentation checkcheck
Recording rules checkcheck
Form analysischeckcheck
Tags checkcross
Always-on recordings checkcheck
Full SPA support checkcheck
User journey checkcross
Custom events checkcheck
Segment notifications checkcheck
Data export checkcheck
Dev Tools checkcheck
Funnels checkcheck

Find out more here.

So? Which tool looks more attractive in your opinion? For us, the choice is obvious. Sign up for a free LiveSession subscription here.

Many businesses have already trusted us over a long period of time, will you?

LiveSession reviews

Still not convinced? Here's what we can also help with:

  • understand customer journeys better
  • reduce bounce rates from product page
  • increase customer retention
  • make data-driven decisions
  • nail product development
  • notice behavioral patterns and act upon them
  • conduct funnel analytics
  • watch real users and stop guessing

We are waiting for you!


That’s the end of our article! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

The conclusion is short: product analytics tools can work wonders for your business.This will happen when your tool has the right features and supports your business instead of giving you problems.

From our end, we highly recommend that you give LiveSession a try - it’s an amazing solution that we’re sure you’ll love.

And now, let us invite you to our next article from the content cluster on product analytics series. Are you curious to know what it’s going to be about?

Well, if you like the idea of LiveSession - you’ll like it even more after reading our next piece. And if you’re still deciding whether to give it a try or not - it’ll clear your mind up.

Join us now to get an inside look into the dashboard of a product analytics tool like LiveSession.

Article available here.


As a bonus, join us in exploring answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about product analytics tools and more. Enjoy!

How do I know how much to spend on a product analytics software as a product team or product manager?

As a product team or product manager, it's important to consider factors such as the size of your business, the complexity of your product, and the level of data analysis required. A general rule of thumb is to allocate around 5-10% of your marketing budget for product analytics tools.

What features should I look for in a product analytics platform as a marketing team?

As a marketing team, you should look for features such as session replays, funnels, click and heat maps, user identification, console, and network monitoring. These features can help you track conversion rates, understand customer experiences, and gain actionable insights into customer behavior.

How can a product analytics platform help me improve my mobile apps?

A product analytics platform can help you track product metrics such as product usage and customer behavior within your mobile applications. This can provide valuable insights into customer experiences, help identify pain points, and improve product performance.

What challenges should I expect when implementing a product analytics software?

Some challenges you may face when implementing a product analytics software include cost constraints, complex implementation processes, difficulty integrating with existing systems and tools, privacy and security concerns, and technical limitations.

What features should I look for in a product analytics platform for my mobile applications?

When choosing a product analytics platform for your mobile applications, look for features such as session replays, funnels, click and heat maps, user identification, console, and network monitoring. These features can help you track product usage, customer behavior, and optimize product performance.

How can a product analytics platform provide actionable insights into customer behavior?

A product analytics platform can provide actionable insights into customer behavior by tracking customer experiences, identifying pain points, and understanding how customers interact with your product. This can help you optimize product features and improve customer satisfaction.

How can a product analytics platform help me track product performance?

A product analytics platform can help you track product metrics such as product usage and customer behavior, providing valuable insights into product performance. This can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize product features to better meet customer needs.

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